Paraguay president inaugurates Jerusalem embassy
Itamar Eichner
Published: 21.05.18, 14:56
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1. banana republics at the American pimp's beck amd call
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.21.18)
2. Actually Khalid they don't grow bananas in Paraguay...
Katanga ,   Israel   (05.21.18)
in Paraguay they grow Nazis and in the triangle border region of Paraguay they grow terrorists.
3. Mrs. N looks exhausted: embassy opening after a holiday...
weekend is NEVER ever easy!
4. decades ago...
@Sigfrido   (05.21.18)
Anti-communism movements were developed after the 1917 russian revolution which reached for instance Central and South America. Stroessner was a paraguayan military anti-communist that ruled Paraguay for 35 years until he was exiled to Brazil. During his long term as president he provided refuge to PerĂ³n and Anastasio Somoza.
5. Yes, banana republiquetas like Paraguay will help Rio narcos
The true.   (05.22.18)
to get brand new Israeli weapons.
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