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5 rare Jewish coins discovered by Temple Mount project
Itzchak Tessler
Published: 21.05.18, 11:07
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1. There was no Temple in Jerusalem...the temple elsewhere
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.21.18)
2. Temple coins
Paulo ,   São Paulo Brazil   (05.21.18)
Looking forward to more digging and more findings to prove to the religion of peace they are a bunch of thugs.
3. Khalid if ur statement is correct then please do explain....
Katanga ,   Israel   (05.21.18)
...the exact and precise origin of these two Arabic expressions: "Beit el-Makdass" and "el-Kuds"
In your explanation please do include the exact and precise location of "Beit el-Makdass".
In your explanation please do include the exact and precise reason for the reference to Jerusalem as "el-Kuds".

and one set of questions:
1. when did you move from Dura (Hebron) to Jerusalem?
2. Now that you have moved to Jerusalem, do REAL Jerusalemites whose names appear in the ancient list of Arab Jerusalem families held at the Haram el Sharif Library refer to you in the slightly off-putting, degrading, descriptive manner "Ya'leki! Hebroni!"?
Thank you for taking the time to respond to my queries.
Ya'Ibn al'Khalil who is seemingly not proud of his Hebroni roots, I am wishing you a lovely afternoon from Jerusalem the Eternal Capital of Israel. :)

4. Bring us the owls of Athens!
Cameron   (05.21.18)
Such was the merchant's cry in the days of the Persian empire.

Athenian currency set the standard for weight & fineness.

Small wonder the Israelites went with that model.
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