Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
There is a way to solve the Gaza crisis
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 21.05.18, 23:43
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1. Stupid
DSM ,   DSM   (05.22.18)
If I'm not mistaken the UN, Hamas, Arab states and the international community hate Israel. With this in mind why would this be a good solution for Israel ? The next solution from Ben-Yishai will be for Israel to give up and there won't be any more problems.
2. why does israel keep expecting others to do her job
Danny ,   nowhere   (05.22.18)
Saw the same with a UNIFIL that was going to disarm hizbollah south of Litani. No foreign army is going to risk the lives of its soldiers to do a job the IDF clearly doesnt.

Only solution for Gaza is to just retake it
3. Here we go again
Ron ,   Melbourne   (05.22.18)
One would have thought that after saving Arafat from Isolation through the stupidity of Oslo they would learn. Hamas is more isolated then it has ever been. Have you seen the PA totally ignored him in anything but words. Except for Qatar through Aljazeera - the rest of the Suni world could not master more than a few demonstrators. The Europeans are more offended then the Saudi Arabia or Egypt - notice how Egypt read them the Riot act - to Hamas. Hamas did not even send rockets after his plans failed. And in Israel the usual cadre who failed to see the wind of change with Trump in the whitehosue , who failed to see all the new changes - they are running to what - save Hamas like the ran to save Arafat. I guess some people never learn. Give Trump some room to change the chess board in the middle east - as is happening in real-time and then assess and see what makes sense.But in the middle of a fast moving landscape - all they can think of is Oslo-2 - like the previous one or the pull out of Gaza worked out as planned.
4. Simple solution to Gaza
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.22.18)
There is a simple solution to the Gazan's,. Problem, repatriate them to Jordon and Egypt, repatriate Abbas to Egypt he was born there. Since the Gazan's are unhappy in Gaza, let them go and live with their fellow Muslims in Egypt, Jordon and other Arabs states.
5. Start a formidable Israeli body to counter demonization.
Getyour Act-together ,   Santiago de Chile   (05.22.18)
It's not a military problem primarily.
It's not a demographic problem now.
It's the DEMONIZATION of the Jewish State of Israel by the world, and that has to do with a global love for whomever it perceives as the poor, aboriginal underdog and the hate for whomever it perceives as the arrogant white bully.

The Palestinians (and leftists, Arabs, Reuters, AP, BBC, CNN, global media have decided already that Palestinians are the former and Israel is the latter. Hamas, PA, PLO, feeds them that, and si successful in it. This round in Gaza was a catastrophic blow against Israel, which needs to stop pooh-poohing the propaganda war and its goal of demonizing and delegitimizing Israel, and GETTING ITS ACT TOGETHER as formidably as Mossad, Shin Bet and IDF, in COLLECTIVE PSYCHOLOGY and formation & desconstruction of myths.
6. The Solution.
Arn.Sweden. ,   Sweden.   (05.22.18)
This is the way !.

Isaia chapter 11 vers - 14 And they shall fly down upon the shoulder of the Philistines on the west;.

7. Netanyahu gov't needs fixed dose of Gaza blood to survive
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.22.18)
Without murdering Pals, Netanyahu loses popularity
8. There is a way to solve Gaza
Mike Baker ,   Rochester, MN   (05.22.18)
Eliminate the Palestinians an Hamas! Problem solved! The antichrist will bring peace to the area once the "Christian Church" is taken out of the earth. You will have 3 1/2 years of peace and then the antichrist will go to the Temple Mount and declare himself to be God! Then for 3 1/2 years he will kill 2/3 of the Jews and anyone else who doesn't have his mark on their hand or forehead to buy and sell. Don't worry the Messiah (Jesus) comes back and defeats he and his armies in the Valley of Migiddo! It's all right their in the Bible. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord!
9. Voting Rights, Civil Rights in Palestine Israel, is only way
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (05.22.18)
10. ridiculous assessment
SOUTH FLORIDA   (05.22.18)
Utilizing he UN? Utilizing Hamas? Utilizing PA whose leader is not elected and in hospital three times this week for reasons that are pure BS? Take a chance?

Ben Yishai is smoking way too much hashish on the job.

You need a clean break from the UN/Hamas/Abbas combo garbage to fix this problem. There is no solution now. Keep the lid on and out of Israel. People suffer all over the globe, Gaza will be no different.
11. And so Hamas could remain virgin while being little pregnant
12. Really?
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (05.22.18)
Oslo mentality.
13. It's nonsensical proposals like these which prevent peace
Yael Schlichting ,   Berlin   (05.22.18)
These peaceniks don't die out and they are never at loss of a costly and dysfunctional proposal which at the end would only perpetuate the war, but not end it.

You won't get peace, if you feed the monster!
There won't be peace with PA and Hamas!
You'd make things only much worse with this proposal!
14. From your lips to G-d's ears
Ed ,   USA   (05.22.18)
Almost anything is better than continuing the current failed policy, even re-occupation.

The biggest problem I see with this plan is that it still relies on a Hamas/PA reconciliation. I think that ship has sailed. Instead, a tacit recognition of Hamas being in civilian control combined with separate elections implies that Oslo is finished. The only reason I can see there being any PA/Hamas joint element to what is proposed here is a wistful hope that somehow there is anything left to salvage from Oslo.

The next challenge is the political struggle within the PLO for control once Abbas passes. But I hope Israel does do something different in Gaza. Time to stop banging our heads against the wall and do something that is humane and effective at making things better.
15. Ron Ben-Yishai is dreaming
Ardeth Bey ,   Detroit   (05.22.18)
Either this guy is dreaming or he's having a nightmare. Bringing in the UN, consisting of nations who literally hate Israel? Yes sir, ol' Ron is bing on today alright for someone who obviously has had a hemorrhage or a stroke! This is called being desperate for peace when there is no peace to be made with terrorism. Wake up Israel and give this Ron fellow a rather wide berth!
16. Exactly : to put a hyena on dairy diet
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (05.22.18)
OPTION: Exactly same treatment for Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
Egypt , yes despotic , yes tyrannic BUT they know and live their way and know this FATALISM of Islamic Radicalism which has not boundary, rational, humanism character or will to create a CIVIC SOCIETY base on LIVE , as their purpose is the only DEATH for folly: marthyrhood.
No time to take such an enormous risk, even then no without FULL CONTROL on process as nobody else could be trusted .
17. Playbof words by Ben Yishai...
Adler   (05.22.18)
"Inspectors sent by the UN and a peacekeeping force send by the Arab League and Turkey" .Absolutely crazy idea! UAE allows military bases from Australia, France, Italy, and U.S A. while UAE military bases are in Somalia , Yemen, Kuwait, Afghanistan. Turkey? well, Erdogan uses to support Morsi brotherhood and he dont recognized Al Sisi Presidency. Besides that, Al Sisi publicly supported Assad, and there is a draft agreement between Russia & Egypt to use mutual airbases. Erdogan military bases are in Azerbaijsn, North Cyprus, Iraq, Qatar, Somalia and Syria.

18. ps: not to mention that
Adler   (05.22.18)
Russia supplies military equipment to many arab league countries.
Russia bases are everywhere: Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, moldova, syria, ukraine and probably knowing Putin as everybody know him, also he have secret bases in European countries too.

19. another loser
dave ,   tzfat/phila   (05.22.18)
imagine how many plans, proposals and ideas to solve this over the past 100 years. nothing worked, the one plan that wasn't tried is the only one that can work because it is what the Plan Maker sez: "outsville",
20. The problem is too many people in gaza
SYKES PICOT 2   (05.22.18)
This solution will not work as the real problem is that there are too many people in Gaza..What is needed is to voluntarily relocate the Gazans[ with Saudi and UN money most of whom do not want to be there to areas of Sunni Syria after these areas have been liberated from the Alawites by a combined force of Saudi/Jordanian forces and a new state created called Southern Syria/Palestine.This state would have access to the sea as it would include the Sunni areas of north Lebanon, ,the Damascus Beirut highway.it could also include the Sunni areas of Iraq,the Damascus to Bagdad highway.The Alawites could keep the coastal strip of Syria and the coastal mountains behind Latakia and Tartus
The plan would thus resolve the Palestinian issue, ,the Syrian civil war and the Sunni/Shiite conflict in Iraq
21. This "solution" is being rehashed for over 25 years now
Shachar ,   Eilat   (05.22.18)
Gaza doesn't have a humanitarian crisis, an economic crisis or any other crisis...it has a radical Islamic fundamentalist government. The so-called crises are manufactured by the ruler to keep money pouring in which is then diverted to military use. Billions of dollars have been squandered in Gaza and things only get worse. Wake up time! Cut all aid to Gaza and things will miraculously improve....Once you have to work to survive you suddenly don't have time for silly wars....and when you build something with your own hands you think twice before throwing it away on a pipe dream.
22. The solution is to dismantle PA and Hamas
Ismail ALjazaeri   (05.22.18)
The solution is to dismantle PA and Hamas and let Israel take over the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinians must seek now a ONE state solution with equal rights for all. TWO states solution is no longer viable.
A wide campaign to force the Palestinian authority to dismantle itself and found new political parties seeking to share Power with Jewish citizens of the same country.
23. Israeli Control
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (05.23.18)
Nothing will work so long as Israel controls the sea off Gaza, the Gazan Airspace, and the border lands that Israel has denied (on pain of death) to Gaza's population and especially farmers.

The siege would have to end and Egypt would need to become the conduit for all goods, money and services entering Gaza, and exported for trade. Israel would have to be cut out economically in its entirety for a minimum decade and Israel would have to recognize that Gaza is no longer to be controlled at all by Israel or the IDF. And any force would have to be sufficiently armed to enforce and protect Gazan independence from Israel.
martin sherman ,   hof hacarmel   (05.23.18)
For the only non-coercive (or at least non-“kinetic”) approach that can ensure the long-term survival of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people – see:


www.strategic-israel.org/1712/rethinking-palestine-the-humanitarian-paradigm/ /
25. Retaking Gaza forever is the obvious solution
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.23.18)
Virtually all Israel's Gaza problems began with our mad retreat from Gaza. Before this retreat, we had no Gaza wars, no Gaza rockets aimed at us and almost no Gaza terror. We DID have thriving beautiful Jewish communities in Gaza. Retaking Gaza forever is the obvious solution. Look behind virtually all of Israel's serious problems and you will find Israeli retreats and concessions which cause them.
26. Not Just 'another'
joe ,   gush etzion   (05.24.18)
"Another difficult problem, as far as the current Israeli government is concerned, is that an internationally-backed arrangement for Gaza creates a precedent concerning the West Bank." The current government has no interest in freezing the current territorial division of the land. The IDF and Shin Bet, however feel confident of dealing with violations of the proposal by the Palestinians.
27. Moshe Rabbenu had the answer:
Froike ,   Great Satan   (05.24.18)
When he encountered the sinners of Am Yisrael worshipping the Golden Calf,
he ordered The Levites to kill all of those who were guilty of the act.
I hold, that Gazans should make a choice: All those who are in favor of Peace with Israel, Gather to one side of Gaza. All those who are not, gather to another side. Those who are not in favor of peace.....should be turned into salt and molten glass! Those who are...will experience liberty, prosperity, and happiness. Simple!
28. There is a way to solve the Gaza crisis
Isaac Barr MD ,   Detroit   (05.25.18)
The recent skirmishes on the Israel/Gaza border underscore a major danger: there is, no doubt, population explosion in the Gaza strip. Tens of thousands moved to Israel border and were stopped by IDF. If peace, IDF will not be able to stop mass infiltration to Israel. There are already about 200.000 Palestinian illegals on top of 160.000 Christian Lebanese who moved to Israel to escape Islamic genocide. These are major demographic changes for a small country-Israel. No peace can be worked up without solving the population explosion in Gaza. The only way is to go to Northern Sinai. A city such as Yamit can accommodate thousands. Egypt may have to be compensated with US, EU, Muslim, Israel money. Providing Electricity, supplies, water etc. is irrelevant. It is the duty of the Egyptians to care for their brothers, not Israel. Israel already did above and beyond for the Gazans.
29. What a laugh.
Brad ,   USA   (05.25.18)
The Arab league is part of the problem, and their friends, the UN "inspectors", are proven rapists. However, there is a solution to the Gaza problem. No Muslims no problem.
30. Absolute truth Chaim
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.25.18)
Chaim you are absolutely correct.
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