Dutch parody of Netta's 'Toy' causes furor over hints of anti-Semitism
Itamar Eichner
Published: 22.05.18, 12:41
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1. Ugly, tasteless, and mean.
Jake   (05.22.18)
2. a stupid satire, by a stupid woman in stupid program.
tiki ,   belgium   (05.22.18)
The maker of this 'funny' satire otherwise full behind woman's rights, Sanne Wallis de Vries, hadn't noticed that this song was about woman's rights, freedom & diversity.....something that is non existent in the object of her love...Gaza & "Palestine"....and not because of Israel!.

Time for this female socialist moron not to interpret propaganda as fact.

But, lucky for her stupidity doesn't hurt.
3. Dutch and Netta.
annie ,   jerusalem   (05.22.18)
I am all for satire-but this one is NOT funny and yes ,it has antisemitic tones .It also shows sadly how badly informed people are , inter alia ,all over Europe ..
I very much hope that our own Aaretz Nehederet will repay this comedian the way she deserves .
4. Hateful nasty variety of the lowest inhuman form
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (05.22.18)
One cannot sink lower than this person into a sesspit of the nastiest abhorrent form of hateful inhuman feelings and expressions.These kinds need to condemned and isolated.What happened to European political correctness.
5. parody...not funny
Mana ,   israel   (05.22.18)
Being a liberal and a free thinking israeli, i welcome criticism and free speech. I also love the dutch people. But i must say that i was genuinely horrified seeing this parody. it was vicious, using age old stereotypes to solve complex political situations, short sighted and insensitive. And about the gaza riots...just to remind you that the Hamas instigated those...not case you got confused with the sides involved!!! with all this crap going on in our political lives...or not....dont we have the right to celebrate and be happy for having won the eurovision after 20 years? are people in amsterdam the only ones allowed a good time??
6. It is hard not to hate Israel after Gaza mass murder
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.22.18)
7. Racist Jews cry Racism
8. it does not matter what they say about you
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (05.22.18)
The important thing is that they talk about you.
No reason to get angry, She shows her ignorance and bias shame on her..
Slowly the Dutch learn that Palestinians are not nice
9. Positions are being drawn clearly. Armageddon awaits!
10. the dutch neta
tomer ,   jerusalem   (05.22.18)
as an open,liberal country we surely can put up with a "satirical" performance
of a dutch comedian,same that we can bare our own "eretz nehederet" parody
of neta (as naftali benett). We should relax abit. not each and every parody
is anti-semitic. If we can not laugh about ourselves we are lost.
11. Judging from the Outside
anonymous   (05.22.18)
How can one express such thoughts from the outside? Who gave you the authority and who asked you to express your opinion? PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHAT REALLY IS GOING ON. Speculations should NOT be considered as truth. What would sick mind think of such "a parody"? And what sick mind would turn a song that is about loving yourself and encouraging diversity into a hate song?
12. Only one direction
Neerslag ,   Tomar   (05.23.18)
When songs and satire are made like this in much more explicit words about other countries or politicians/religions etc. It all about freedom of speech, freedom of creative expression no matter how provoking or humiliating these are. Suddenly freedom of speech and expression becomes evil when it's slightly lifting a little bit of the curtain behind where some truthful criticism towards an apartheid regime in the middle east. If satire and irony are only allowed to use while expressing thoughts about the rest of the world... well, then we're actually staring at a big concrete wall without windows letting the light in.
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