IDF attacks Hamas tunnel, naval force targets
Yoav Zitun
Published: 23.05.18, 07:57
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1. mini of deffense lieberman
morris   (05.23.18)
haaretz writer wrote a piece on Lieberman the other day saying he knows little about military matters; and that bibi stands in for him. that bibi and chief of staff call the main shots. this writer doesn't know his ass from his elbow, typical of most self hating haaretz journalists.

bibi sweats every decision , cannot do anything big. he got shot twice as a commando and appears never to have overcome it. that is why he wants others to do the heavy work for him.

other ministers of defense, ehud barak hit mostly empty fields in response to terror. he was a flop in fighting terror as pm. yaalon was better than barak but flopped terribly in the gaza war.

Lieberman is not admittedly some military expert. but he knows how to throw a punch, he has no problem taking decisions. he has hit Hezbollah and Syria 5-10 times as much as his predecessors. he is the main guy deciding on military actions. bibi does not initiate or assume such decisions.even the idf has been reluctant and cautious. Lieberman is the main guy. and the Arabs fear Lieberman.
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