Why Israelis should welcome foreign funding of their NGOs
Ronald R. Krebs, James Ron
Published: 23.05.18, 21:18
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1. Clue anti-Israeli idiots
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.23.18)
Having foreign governments in the internal affairs of Israel is extremely harmful to Israel.

It should be illegal for any foreign government to do this
2. Jail leaders of Israeli NGOs accepting foreign funding
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.24.18)
This article is ludicrous tripe. Leftist Israeli NGOs are using foreign funds, often from Jew and Israel haters, to pursue an anti-Israel agenda. This should never be tolerated. Leaders of Israeli NGOs, who accept foreign funds, should do hard time in jail.
3. Why we shouldn't: 'cause we ain't academic idiots!
4. An excellent article
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (05.24.18)
I fully understand why many people oppose what the authors have said. Balanced arguments are an anathema to authoritarians - whether of the left or of the right. Authoritarians are obliged to attack those who offer critical perspectives. Still, in the interests of democracy I believe authoritarians should have the right to voice their opinions - and establish their own foreign-funded NGOs - even if they wish to deny that right to those who think differently.
5. Nonsense
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.24.18)
No foreign government has ever provided a shekel for any non-leftist NGO period.
6. If it such a great idea
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.24.18)
Why is this exact action ILLEGAL in the UK? When are you going to petition your government to change yours to allow this?
7. Author pretends our enemies are peace activists - Liar
Betzelem have been caught lying and spreading libels against Jews for a long time. Funded by our enemies in the West.

Ford Foundation and the Open Society Foundations are both evil organizations who openly support the destruction of Israel, support our enemies, and deny Jewish rights specifically private land rights and religious rights. They are the enemy of any free society as is becoming more clear on a regular basis.

Many nations have no interest in allowing Western funded orgs which are morally corrupt to impose their will on their population.

It is not about Justice or freedom but an open anti-democratic fascist agenda by the mainstream left to shut down any opposition and force their opponents to cede to their demands.

NGOs funded by nations and billionaires to force change in democracies against the will of the people and you support them???

Goldstone report lies were perpetrated ONLY by the ngos you speak of. They are liars cheat and enemies of the Jews and any other free people.

Prime example of a journalist using language to distort reality. A professor? another reason not to get a formal education in the west. Totally brainwashed morally corrupt ideological extremists.

They are not liberal do not support freedoms and equality but have a Marxist like ideology which is about imposing their will on everyone else with force and lies if necessary. Narrative over fact, moral relativism, PC and so on clearly Cultural Marxism.

The reason these groups are underrepresented in any nation where they function is because they are extreme leftists who have to force their will on others as the voters do not support them.

Where are these NGOs supporting private Jewish land rights? or the legal right to pray on the Temple Mount for non-Muslims?......

As usual political science prof are delusional and openly hostile to democratic ideals and truth telling. All narrative no facts welcome to the new left "liberals".

Some names of NGOs caught lying/cheating/stealing/raping...
Oxfam, HRW, Betzelem, Peace Now, Amnesty, Green Peace.....

All funded by the EU, the same people who fund terrorism and Nazi education against Jews in Israel.

Can anyone name any global NGO which has not become morally corrupt and ideological instead of humane?
8. "Journalists"
Brad ,   USA   (05.25.18)
The more "educated" they get, the more they talk stupid.
9. No wonder only Useful Bertram loves this "thought-exercise"
10. And when these NGOs engage in sedition, provocation and
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (05.27.18)
Smear campaigns based on fiction and lies?
Then the line between democratic freedom and subversive actions become blurred- and reflects the interest of the foreign supporters and outside interests only
This is not democracy but outside interference
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