Intel min. says US may soon recognize Israel's hold on Golan
Published: 23.05.18, 23:47
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1. Geneva Conventions = Toilet Paper
Mark Sherry ,   USA   (05.24.18)
Trump and Netanyahu will turn the Geneva Conventions to toilet paper. Why Not? Maybe it is 1938 again.
2. The article forgot to mention that...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (05.24.18)
….the Golan Heights used to be a part of our ancient Jewish homeland and that we Jews have inhabited the Golan Heights for 4000 years, which is considerably longer than most countries have existed on this Earth. The article also forgot to mention that the Golan Heights was politically a part of our ancient Jewish kingdoms.

The article also forgot to mention that the legality of Israel's territory and borders is not determined by the United Nations, but by two legally binding documents that precede the existence of the UN.

The San Remo treaty and the Anglo-American treaty are two legally binding documents that stipulate that the borders of the reborn and reestablished Jewish nation state woiuld be encompassed of Cis-Jordan and Trans-Jordan, and this clearly includes the Golan Heights.

The article also forgot to mention that the British empire ceded the Golan Heights to the French empire prior to the forming of the Arab Syrian republic, in violation of international law, but the Golan was legally and historically always a part of Israel.
3. The Golan heights used to be part of your land
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.24.18)
The Golan heights heights used to be part of Jewish homeland for over 4 thousand years. So US will be blessed if they recognised that Israel's hold on Golan is legitimate. Praise the God of Israel and universe, he has not abandoned his people, everything Israel lost in AD 70 Israel is reclaiming or is being recognised by nations. May God continue to bless Israel his inheritance the apple of his eye. His love and mercies ensure that forever, he is righteous and holy God, blessed be his holy name forever. Amen....and amen....
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