Israel notifies Russia of redrawing of Iran 'red lines'
Published: 26.05.18, 22:15
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1. Russian pilots should just pack it in.
When I saw your mom ,   South Park   (05.26.18)
2. Zero Tolerance Is Correct ...
jfraser ,   Chicago   (05.27.18)
... particularly within the context of Iran's openly-declared intent to harm Israel, and the current Iranian regime's 'Holy Godly Duty' to destroy Israel.
Titled: Zero Tolerance Is Correct ...
3. mr
John ,   Lisbon   (05.27.18)
Israel should get used to its new POWERFUL neighbour IRAN.
4. "Iran Red Lines"
This situation regarding Iran is black-and-white, there are no grey areas. Israel has expanded its red lines ,which might leave the russians red-faced, the Orange fellow in the White House approves, if this goes wrong we could all be in the brown stuff , it could be a black day ,because it seems the grass is always greener on the other side of the border.
5. Bibi remember 1949
Rami ,   Helsinki   (05.27.18)
Does Bibi honestly expect Putin to keep his world. Putin giving a green light to operate in Southern Syria is a good start.
6. Israel right to draw any line against Iran.
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.27.18)
Israel should have zero tolerance policy against Iran and hezbollah and hamas, and against abb-ass. Iran has been constantly threatening the destruction of Israel. Will act I believe, when it does Ayotollah would wish he was never born. He will be incontinent for the rest of his miserable life.All his third rate revolutionary Guards', his third rate air force will be totally annihilated, then his on people rise up against him and pull his beard of, they will tear him limb to limb.
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