Over 300 incendiary kites flown into Israel since April 13
Matan Tzuri
Published: 27.05.18, 12:00
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1. I suggest a "Return to Sender" drone response
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.27.18)
Attacking kites with drones is all well and good, but it's strictly defensive. There's an easy way to turn the kites back on the attackers:

Attach a length of fishing line to the drone. Terminate with a hook and a small weight for stabilization. Fly it around the string near the kite itself a few times until it grabs. Then drag the kite back across the border into Gaza.
2. Shame on Israeli gov why are we paying out of our taxes??
This is not the government paying for it but the population paying our of their taxes. Something must be done now we cant take another summer of terrorist fires created throughout the country on a weekly if not daily basis.

We are paying the price, shoot to kill anyone who crosses the border or attempts to destroy it. This is terrorism and causing MILLIONS OF SHEKEL IN DAMAGE. I am not willing to pay my part unless the gov is doing their job.
3. Fire weapons are against the Geneva Convention
Empress Trudy   (05.27.18)
Napalm was outlawed years ago. What Hamas is doing is a war crime
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