A plan neglecting Gaza is no plan at all
Brigadier-General Shmuel Tzuker (Res.)
Published: 27.05.18, 20:03
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1. Another Leftie idiot wanting to saddle Israel with respo-
ab   (05.27.18)
-sibility for people wanting to murder Isralis.
Been there,done that,Gazans burned post-Israeli greenhouses and busses taking them to work in Israel,idiots like that General were left with eggs in their face,some Israelis thinking like him were murdered by their Gazan employees .
2. Hamas Charter calls for Global Genocide of Jews - enabling??
3. Pullout of Gaza is right/wrong
Tova   (05.28.18)
You cannot rationalize this. Whether to pull out or not. Terrorism is the religion of Gaza and the Islamic world.

No Nation on earth can predict or respond to what is good for Gaza. Because Islam doesn't care what we think.

Gaza voted for Hamas. Let the people in Gaza remove the evil ways is the only answer. Sadly Islam rejoices in evil ways.
4. Relax the blockade and let the Gazans develop build a port
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (05.27.18)
and airport with free connections to the world. They will be responsible for themselves and surely many would want to get out relieving the population pressure. Who knows with time they may even start thinking constructively and non-destructively. It is worth a trying
5. not against Isra bec. it is Jewish, but bec it is evil
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.28.18)
6. These fools just keep on morphing endlessly, Oy Vey!
7. Real permanent solution is to retake Gaza forever
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.28.18)
Israel's two choices regarding Gaza are:

1. Keep fighting endless terror, wars and rockets from Gaza.

2. Solve the problem permanently by retaking Gaza forever and rebuilding our beautiful Jewish communities there. End all mad Israeli support for our mortal "Palestinian" foes and help them leave our land forever.
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