28 mortar shells fired from Gaza, 1 lands in kindergarten
Matan Tzuri, Yoav Zitun and Elior Levy
Published: 29.05.18, 08:51
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Robert ,   Israel   (05.29.18)
Mr. Netanyahu, STOP PLAYING "GENTLEMEN" with Hamas. Once and for all, go after the heads of the snakes. No matter if they hide inside Gaza City, or inside their malls, under the skirts of their women, or in their bunkers under earth. The more you delay in doing so, the stronger they feel. Just erase forever that cynical smile in their faces. Do it for Israel, do it for the people in Gaza that are fed up with Hamas.
2. Hamas terror leaders must be eliminated
C   (05.29.18)
these terror monsters have only one goal: to destroy the sovereign jewish
state of israel.
they are willing to sacrifice their children and their children's children
to accomplish this goal.
the recent so called "march of return" has had precisely this goal.
the hamas terror monsters are indifferent to the lives of gaza's
yet, the europeans continue to support these terror monsters.
europe remains the jewish state's greatest enemy.
christian europe continues to search for a final solution to the
jewish question.
europe must understand that today the jews are no longer
defenceless. the jewish state has a well armed jewish army,
armed with very advanced weapons.
if europe wants to live, it must allow the jewish state to survive.
3. If only
Boaz   (05.29.18)
I would have been listned to: I”ll send a drone and kill one Hamas or izadin el kassam terrorist. At the time of the funeral procession, when 2000 masked men in uniform gather to chant allah u akbar, I would send a squadron of 10 jet fighters and eradicate the lot. But again if only I was listened to. BTW screw the world opinion. 27 mortars and a kindergarten should be a good enough reason
4. Fat goon Haniyeh still sending his family for free treatment
ab   (05.29.18)
in Israeli hospitals,Israeli dhimmis don't dare to say NO
5. 27 mortar shells fired from Gaza
joe   (05.29.18)
Israel should invite EU UN and show them the shells and ask them to give advice what will they do maybe they have a good answer
6. And this is their way to honor Ramadan holiday ????
barbara ,   Haifa   (05.29.18)
7. until we go to the st government will not act
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