HRW scolds Israeli banks for helping with settlements
Associated Press
Published: 29.05.18, 10:59
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1. Human rights? Not if you're a Jew.
BBB   (05.29.18)
The only reason the pals are squatting in Israel is that the Jews are better hosts than the animals called Muslims.
2. No HRW in Israel! They can "watch" in Riyadh instead....
3. Israeli Banks must be boycotted for funding Lebensraum
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.29.18)
4. HRW is based in the US without which Israel is nothing
Yousef Mahameed ,   Um al Fahem, Israel   (05.29.18)
5. HRW is right: build settlements on stolen land is war crime
Ephraim Hendel ,   London   (05.29.18)
6. Expose HRW as Jew hating b*stards they are
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.29.18)
With all the massive real human rights violations going on, around the world, HRW singles out tiny, democratic, Jewish Israel to demonize. HRW needs to be exposed as the Jew hating b*stards they are. And totally defunded.
7. Invading Jews abuse every country they enter, then expelled
... or killed.
8. Dover shaker tirchak
Ilan   (05.29.18)
9. Miss
Jacqui Burns ,   London   (05.29.18)
It wasn't stolen. It was won by Israel defending itself against a war of agression. Learn the facts before commenting next time....that way you won't prove yourself to be an idiot as you have just done!
10. Miss
Jacqui Burns ,   London   (05.29.18)
And where, exactly, did you describe yourself as living when Jordan illegally annexed Jerusalem after taking it in a war of aggression?

11. HRW is a far left anti-Israel outfit finance by George Soros
C   (05.29.18)
hrw is financed by saudi arabia and george soros who had pledged 100 million
dollars to this outfit in 2010.
even one of the founders of hrw, robert l. berstein, criticises hrw for its
bias against israel.
it is obvious that hrw is led by people who are not only biased, but also
12. huam righst watch can go to bloody hell
jim   (05.29.18)
human rights watch, betselem, they can all go to bloody hell.
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