IDF pounds Gaza targets after PM vows 'heavy price' for mortar salvo
Ahiya Raved, Itamar Eichner and Elior Levy
Published: 29.05.18, 13:00
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1. bla bla bla
monte   (05.29.18)
HAMAS AND most enemies do not take bibi seriously. he will not undertake serious action. what action-destroying the entire leadership of gaza. he won\t do it. he lacks guts as he always has.

gazans understand death and death only/
2. Iran tries another route
Rami ,   Helsinki   (05.29.18)
Putin told Iran to leave Southern Syria so now mullahs will try to hurt Israel via Islamic Jihad. Israel needs to attack them as hard as the Arab coalition attacked Houthis.
3. In Gaza retaliation is hitting an empty warehouse+field
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.29.18)
It's no wonder Hamas and Islamic Jihad keep attacking Israel. They are not afraid of Netanyahu big talk and spineless retaliation. Even Labour are not such
wimps and can make a case as better protectors. And why is there a wall that is so easily infiltrated?
4. proper retaliation
ray   (05.29.18)
blow up all fuel depots, telecommunications, seaport, main roads for starters.

bibi says idf will hit back with great power. he is full of it.

idf has to rethink it's training program as producing soldiers like bibi and shalit miss the mark. bibi does not think like a soldier and how to attack the weak points of the enemy. he simply repeats empty field slogan.

Israel will have to produce better soldiers than bibi. it cannot survive mediocrity.

enemies have to know that Israel will wipe them out if they start up. hamas is on the shoulders of first olmert and livni, and now bibi. it should have been dismantled long ago.

we will hit back with great power-is bibi ever full of it. Gazans can't stop laughing.
5. Were are all the supporters of the Palestinian rioters now??
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