3 soldiers wounded in wake of incessant barrage of Gaza mortars
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy and Matan Tzuri
Published: 29.05.18, 18:08
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1. Haniyeh is sure Israel won't struck him at his villa
ab   (05.29.18)
2. Bomb shelters?
Rami ,   Helsinki   (05.29.18)
I thought the liberals said they lived like Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. I guess another form of taqiya. They might as well copy Houthi taqiya and declare every terrorist hit as a ten year old baby.
3. Hamas utter LUNACY
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.29.18)
Yet to Hamas it makes SENSE

Or are they just having a laugh?

Pile MISERY upon MISERY on Gaza by instigating and precipitating more conflict..and then get their ever so reliable co conspirators at the rotten to the core UNHCR to blame Israels war crimes

Hamas have had their chances in Gaza and BLOWN IT-BIG TIME!

GAZA is part of the SOLUTION..but the corrupt. inept and morally bankrupt HAMAS is the CORE of the problem
4. What needs to be done
TC   (05.29.18)
Eliminate the three most senior of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and they will start thinking twice about all this BS.
Robert ,   Israel   (05.29.18)
Netanyahu, please stop giving Akamol to soothe the conflict. It is time for a DEEP SURGERY. We have been using Akamol for the last 70 years and it didn't work. . Change the medicine, please !!
6. Strike the correct target
Ralph   (05.29.18)
Forget targeting empty buildings. That is not going to work. You have to target their corrupt 'leaders.'
7. IL signed agreement few years ago not to target assasinate
Alan ,   SA   (05.29.18)
Hamas leaders .Well its time to go back to targeted asasinationsWhy are you waiting...for more dead Jews???????????????
8. Hang the geneva convention and war crimes.......
Eliyahu Konn   (05.29.18)
A war ends with a white flag. Don't be naive.
9. What kind of Leader is Bibi ????
DSM ,   USA   (05.29.18)
It is in times like these that great leaders emerge or continue to flounder. Let's see what Bibi is made of. It is far past time to take the gloves off and eliminate those at the Gaza border as well as to directly strike the Hamas leaders. It is easy for them to send out others to do their dirty work, but not so easy when they come under direct fire. And to Joseph Araman, please leave your goat alone.
10. eye for an eye
Clarisse ,   Paraguay   (05.29.18)
They bomb our schools we bomb their schools
They bomb randomly please send some shells randomly also in the middle of Gaza
Start to bomb power plants they love living in the shadows
11. If Gazans don't have peace, neither will Jewish settlers
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.29.18)
12. Islam has been at war with the Jews for centuries
C   (05.29.18)
european whiners who claim that israel is at the root cause of middle
eastern terror are lying.
the root cause of middle eastern terror is islam.
islam was founded in saudi arabia and for centuries has waged jihad
and demanded submission from "infidels."

israel should ignore the european whiners and destroy islamic terror
leaders and infrastructures in gaza.
stop feeling sorry for the enemy that wants to kill your children
and civilian population.
learn the lessons of wwii. only total victory and the deaths of
herr mustache and his coterie of mass murderers put an end
to history's vilest war.
13. stupid idf
for years, idf has refused to stockpile thousands of land to land rockets as another arm to equalize terror equation. instead the moral but stupid Israelis have to do things surgically which exposes pilots and costs too much.

just as hezbollah does, idf needs another arm like a surface rocket brigade that could respond to mortars from gaza by launching 1000 rockets-no fuss no bother.

the idf is dead wrong on this issue. it needs a rocket brigade. gazans need to be pummeled by screaming rockets set off by buttons.
14. Where is our HASBARA ?
Nayan   (05.29.18)
Now is the time for a good
and sound HASBARA from Israel .
As usual NOTHING ......
15. #13 those who stand with the STATE OF ISRAEL will b saved!
Those who insult Israel and the IDF will not be saved.
So do us all a favor take your arm chair and push it way back and away from your computer...your comments are not helpful.

16. Too Stupid to Defeat Hamas?
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.30.18)
Sadly, under the US fake peace Israel has been restrained and
become too stupid to Defeat Hamas and so the title for tat show
goes on and on and on.
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