IDF destroys 2km long Hamas terror tunnel entering into Israel
Yoav Zitun
Published: 29.05.18, 16:46
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Robert ,   Israel   (05.29.18)
Hamas is desperately trying to get rid of the rockets before Israeli army enters Gaza and makes them sit on the tip of those rockets. It is not the first time Israeli army does that. Let's hope it will be the last time as there won't be any more Hamas' left alive.
2. C shaped tunnel
Brian Ghilliotti ,   Hartford, CT   (05.30.18)
This had to have happened with Egyptian knowledge, atleast locally. Just a matter of time before we see Egypt - Israeli cross border tunnels, supported by local corruption. To what extent does stuff get smuggled into Gaza from Israel? If there is a lot of black market money to be made, nationally politics will be pushed aside. Brian Ghilliotti
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