Galant: Anyone suggesting to retake Gaza should consider Hamas's successor
Ynet writers
Published: 30.05.18, 12:29
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1. Gallant and co gave a terror group credibility. Their fault
2. Gaza wants to continue attacking not peace demonstrations
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.30.18)
Israel has to do a more thorough job of destroying Gaza military infrastructure.
Otherwise, attacks will resume.
3. PA control
Moti ,   Florida   (05.30.18)
should agreement can reach with the PA - it can and should transfer to them to control
4. always use spell-check
Robert Blum ,   new albany   (05.30.18)
Now I know how to spell 'Anus' in Israel = Mk Zahalka.
5. Travesty that Zahalka is in Knesset
AnarchistNation ,   Jerusalem   (05.30.18)
He and his ilk do not represent democracy
But anarchy and being allowed to incite
Against the nation causes many to feel very insecure
Is it any wonder people leave Israel
This is complete madness what is Israel
Trying to prove ? This policy is demoralizing
The nation

6. Who would replace Hamas? ISRAEL
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.30.18)
Who would replace Hamas when Israel retakes Gaza forever? That is a really dumb question. The obvious answer is ISRAEL. Israel needs to recognize our Gaza retreat (like all Israeli retreats and concessions to "Palestinians") was a total disaster. It is the root cause of virtually all our Gaza problems.

Israel needs to take an accurate census of the "Palestinian" populations of Gaza, Judea and Samaria to formulate a viable plan for compensated "Palestinian" departure. "Palestinian" population statistics are politically motivated B.S. The real "Palestinian" population is probably about half what the P.A. and Hamas claims.
7. Genocidal Shia terror regime must not be given any calm
C   (05.31.18)
the genocidal shia terror regime would sacrifice every arab palestinian
child and every syrian child in its goal to destroy the jewish state.

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