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Anti-Semitic caricature removed from Belgian textbook
Itamar Eichner
Published: 31.05.18, 17:08
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1. water is rare $ in Israel even 3000 yrs ago use food & clean
jore ,   la   (05.31.18)
Eurotrash loves hatting Jews. They blame the murder of the 6M on Jews. They are hatters by birth.
Could not happen to a nicer bunch......
3. So a generation of Belgian teenagers will see the caricature
Maurice Solovitz ,   UK   (05.31.18)
Gee wizz - the Belgian government is so generous. I wander what would have happened if a Muslim or Catholic caricature had been included in a text book for teenagers in the Belgian school system? How long would the publisher survive even with 24 hour protection? How long would the text book remain in circulation prior to its removal and pulping - at the publishers expense of course? This is not a concession. A generation of students will become accepting of antisemitic caricatures - the first stage in demonization prior to elimination. This is antisemitism in practice and like good Jews we obsequiously thank the Belgian government.
Belgium suffers from regular attacks from its muslim population ,and yet Belgium likes to attack jews? The belgians are a very nasty and confused nation, not forgetting the terible cruelty of their colonial history,which they conveniently choose to forget or ignore.
5. Telling The Truth Is Not Anti-Semitic
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.02.18)
Palestinians are denied access to adequate,clean water while Jewish settlers have all the water they want. The truth is Israelis can't tolerate any criticism of the real conditions put upon the Palestinian people by your government and the citizens who allow it. Apparently Jews think they are above everyone on this planet and no one should even think of criticising them.
6. Hamas destroyed her water treatment plant via an errant
BBB   (06.02.18)

missile and let the open sewage run freely through Gaza and left no potable water.
Pals are too stupid to repair their own water system.
7. Stop hiding behind anti-semitism
chutia ,   new delhi, india   (06.04.18)
Why do you always have to moan about anti-semitism? Don't you ever get tired of it?? Can't you just say that we give water to the Pals but their pals, the Hamas, blows it up??? You want to keep moaning about anti-semitism so that you can keep inflicting cruelty and barbarity on Palestinians without anyone ever criticising you. Grow up. And stop hiding behind the cloak of anti-semitism. Find a new phrase that will serve you equally well and help twist reality in an equally effective manner
8. Denied?
Ed ,   USA   (06.06.18)
Easy to repeat antisemitic slogans. What's the evidence? Water is expensive. When Palestinian governments devote their resources to tunnels, bombs, and support for terrorists' families, there is not much left to meet the needs of their people. Support from Belgium and the EU encourages Palestinian governments to continue on this path.
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