IDF sees possibility of settlement with Hamas
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy
Published: 01.06.18, 10:20
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1. Israel must always be prepared to all eventualities
C   (06.01.18)
israel needs to put herself in the shoes of the enemies and figure out
their possible tactics, strategies.
israel cannot wait for the roast chicken to fall from heaven.

hamas and islamic jihad are terror organisations which lack a real
army. as such they are reliant on methods which are produced out
of the box, such as the incendiary kites. this is a very simple method,
but one that can cause much damage.
israel cannot play games and must act very swiftly and with brutality.
israel cannot afford to play war rather than wage war.
nor can israel afford to pity the enemy as jewish ethics would
any war with an enemy must be predictable, and prepared for on
multiple fronts and against multiple crude and some sophisticated
the psychology of the enemy must be taken into account, as well as
his culture.
never give them a single advantage, be it speed, psychology, tactics
or strategy. intelligence must be exploited to the very maximum.
for lack of guidance a nation falls, but with many counselors comes
2. No settlement with Pals, only a modus vivendi:the occupation
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.01.18)
3. You have no idea how reassuring it is to know, that the
mighty Gazans & their military are prepared to enter truce with our TDF (Trembling Defense Forces)!!!!
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