US vetoes UN resolution on 'protection' for Palestinians
Associated Press
Published: 01.06.18, 23:59
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1. The Pali's despair is due to their LEADERSHIP.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.02.18)
But then, they VOTED Hamas into power. The Arab resolution was a pathetic attempt to put the blame on Israel, when Hamas is responsible for everything that happens in, and to, Gaza.

If Hamas 'leadership' suddenly decided NOT to dig tunnels into Israel, NOT to try to break through the border fence, NOT to launch mortars and rockets into Israel, NOT to place IEDs at the border fence, and NOT to snipe at soldiers and workers near the border, then just maybe peace would return to the area, the Egyptian and Israeli crossings would be open for easy passage, and life would return to normalcy.

But Hamas doesn't want that. None of it. The jihadist sociopaths want to rid the region of Jews, which is not going to happen.

The people of Gaza suffer at the hands of the government they elected. When things get bad enough, they'll figure out what to do. And that's exactly what Haniyeh and ilk are terrified of.

What happened to Gaddafi can easily happen to Haniyeh.
2. The American veto= implicit green light for Israel to murder
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.02.18)
and maim more Pal children. Shame on America for allowing a small clique of Jewish Robber Barons to control the American government!
3. Whole world is against Israel: Boycott the venenous snake
Ephraim Hendel ,   London   (06.02.18)
4. oy, vey!
steve ,   dunedin   (06.02.18)
the united states is the biggest obstacle to world peace. their political class is bought and paid for by zionists who are loyal to israel even more than they are their own country. the goyim know!
5. napolean rolling in his grave
ray   (06.02.18)
France is a number one appeasement nation, intimidated by its own immigrants, fearful of them, so willing to blame Israel for their mess-

France is untrustworthy and along with belgium will in no time be part of the caliphate. they have become garbage countries.

as for Kuwait, this double crossing small fearful nation was easy pickings for Saddam. it also can go to hell.

Israel has to be careful about not getting to close to Russia as it continues its anti Israel un voting. it doesn't matter the reason.

Bennett and Lieberman have to be careful and preserve Israel interests to the exclusion of Russia in certain areas.
6. Kuwait expelled ALL pals after the Golf war,March of Return
ab   (06.02.18)
should be to Kuwait City ,hurra !!!!!
7. Wow Nikki Haley
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (06.02.18)
Both Nikki Haley and president Trump are Christians, and Christians love Israel, and believe in the same God. Both Nikki and Trump done it again, the veto at UN. Wow Glory, praise and thanks to the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, His mercies endureth forever, he loves Israel and is protector and redeemer. Even if the world goes against Israel with the Holy One of Israel this is a majority. There are myriad of Angels who are with the Holy one. To protect Israel, Blessed be Israel and Jerusalem his inheritance, Halleluyah....Shalom Shabat....Amen and Amen.
8. She is a Scorned Woman
Darwish Elhajji ,   Tampa   (06.02.18)
and an ineffective representative of USA or should I say Israel in the UN. She is in left field. That's what happens when you threaten other nations to take names down if they don't blindly support you. You become marginalized
9. a world run by Trump, Haley & Netanyahu is surely doomed
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.02.18)
10. Gazan international protection will be MISUSED....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (06.02.18)
by terrorist and their leaders to hide under this very idiotic resolution by Kuwaitis aa a coverup by the equally brainless UN countries that voted in favor of the useless resolution. Stop WASTING the drainage of money, time and brain powers to hold meetings on mediocre resolutions.
11. At least there some good -
barbara ,   Haifa   (06.02.18)
to offset the evil that is spreading around the world.
12. Let the Swedes and other yes-voters
doda   (06.02.18)
to be the protectors. But on site, and not in a bunker far from the action.
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