Foreign-funded NGOs, political power and democratic legitimacy
Gerald M. Steinberg
Published: 03.06.18, 11:33
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1. Israeli courts are complying!
tiki ,   belgium   (06.03.18)
When they have the choice not to.
2. Funding sources
Bernard Spolsky ,   Jerusalem   (06.03.18)
Who funds NGO Monitor?
3. Gerald Steinberg who is funding NGO Monitor?
Stan ,   Israel   (06.03.18)
Israel spends millions of dollars every year in it's fight against BDS.

In the long run it would cost less if our government would put the same effort into finding a political solution to the conflict with the Palestinians.
4. Gerald Steinberg you are guilty of incitement
Stan ,   Israel   (06.03.18)
when you claim that "..... NGO recipients...... promote demonization of Israel ........ that fuel anti-Semitic attacks.

You know as well as I do, that attacks against Jews in recent years, Which have been almost all in France or Western Europe, were the result of TV scenes of what was seen as extreme use of force by Israel which resulted in many unnecessary deaths including many children.
These attacks were carried out by Muslims and would not have happened if Israel had found a way (as I believe is possible) to end our conflict with the Pals.

The two biggest attacks against Jews were in Buenos Aires and they were before NGOs were even an issue.

Don't you find it strange, that with the enormous amount of intellectual ability that exists in Israel, we have not been able to end this conflict.
If 1% of that ability and 0.0001% of the cost of what Israel has put into the military and defense side of our conflict, we could have had peace years ago. The reason I believe is, that our leaders prefer land to peace.
As Moshe Dayan said in 1972, (when Anwar Sadat offered peace in return for a complete withdrawal from Sinai) "I WOULD RATHER HAVE SHARM EL SHEIH WITHOUT PEACE THAN PEACE WITHOUT SHARM EL SHEIH.
5. Gerald
Stan ,   Israel   (06.03.18)
Instead of fighting humanitarian NGOs, it would be of far greater benefit to Israel if you could persuade your government to achieve a diplomatic solution to the conflict. If that were done then within a decade all terror would just be a bad memory.
6. In US such interference is termed Collusion with Foreign
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.03.18)
7. Surrounded by enemies from without & within
WillWeSurviveThem? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.03.18)
In Israel's futile attempt to bend over backwards for the world to
see we are the most Democratic nation in world history even though
located in the most violent undemocratic jungle in the world has been
a failure surrounded by those who wish to murder us head of
Hamas Yehhiya " we will eat their hearts and their livers" and those
like the so called peace maker NGO's in cahoots with our anarchist
Left and in our "belly" the "Israeli " Arab with a legalized political
right " to call for our destruction in the Parliament of the country
that no other nation in its right mind would tolerate the "Israeli" Arab
would like to see us pushed into the sea it will be a miracle if we survive here
oh did I forget to mention all major electronic news medias being
Post Zionist ? Constant bickering among ourselves tearing each'
other apart debasement of the most important symbols of the
Jewish Faith and Civilization by the media
to the delight of our enemies Foreign
NGO's backed by European governments with tens of millions
of dollars nations that only a generation ago looked the
other way when their Jewish citizens were murdered
and Licensed Arab Israeli Tour guides promoting hate
of the Jewish nation to thousands of tourists yearly
reminds me of the words of the Children of Israel to Moses "Did you bring us here to die"? Truly a nation of Idiots a Ship of Fools may
G-d have mercy on those naïve Jews who immigrated here never
believing we would come to this nightmarish scenario.
8. YNET show video of the desecration of Israeli Flag in Haifa
AnationOfIdiots ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.03.18)
The media is hiding the video of the Israeli Arabs desecrating the
Israeli flag in Haifa at their last demonstration WHY ?!!!
I guess we know
9. Just one word
Jon   (06.03.18)
Israel Hayom. It did more damage then 1000 NGOa. At least the NGO get their money from elected governmennts, not for one biluner who made his money from prostitution.
10. Ten year minimum mandatory jail sentences
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.04.18)
Israel should impose a ten year minimum mandatory jail sentence on leaders of every NGO, which accepts funding from foreign anti-Israel entities. Coupled with heavy fines confiscating the assets of the organization and its officers. It is way past time to prove Israel is done tolerating treacherous far left NGOs.
11. Germany want to kick out US Amb for domestic interference...
Germany funding numerous "NGOs" in Israel which support terrorism, BDS, destruction of Israel, Fake-right of return and interfere with our internal policies.
Germany fund the Nazi education system in the Palestinian Authority which brainwashes the next generation of suicide bombers.
Germany funds the PA where 10% of their budget goes to pay murderers of jews dependent on how many they murdered.
Germany steals private/public Jewish land against the Oslo Accord denying Jewish private property rights.

Germany threatens to throw out US Ambasador for calling for support for the Right Wing in Europe, Thought Germany had a right wing gov???

So its ok for Germany to continue to fund our deaths through support for our enemies and Government funded "non-governmental org" cant make this stuff up.

12. THe problem with those on the right in any country
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (06.06.18)
The right lacks self-confidence, living in constant of the collapse of their house of cards. Consequently, they see traitors everywhere - under the bed, on top of the bed. NGOs which offer even the slightest criticism of government policies are seen as oppositional to the very existence of the nation-state. And heaven forbid they should receive any funding from outside. This paranoia is a spectacle to behold,
13. what has the left done in 30 years to benefit our society???
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