Shin Bet uncovers terrorist cell that planned to target Netanyahu, Barkat
Yoav Zitun
Published: 05.06.18, 10:39
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1. Well done Shin-Bet!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (06.05.18)
2. Shia terror regime planned to assassinate PM Netanyahu
C   (06.05.18)
the savages of the shia terror regime and its terror proxies planned to
assassinate prime minister netanyahu, the mayor of jerusalem and
a delegation of canadians who train pa security forces.

this war crime must be answered.
the assassination of the leader of a sovereign nation is illegal
under international law.
of course, the shia terror regime ignores all international laws.
islamists consider the quran the sole source of law, incuding
in international affairs. it is for this reason that muslims can
never be trusted.
3. EU, France, Germany, UK, Norway, Sweden, witing for you
C   (06.05.18)
we are waiting for christian europe to condemn in the strongest possible
terms the attempted assassination of a fellow leader of a western democracy.
such an assassination would constitute one of the worst war crimes and
one which would lead to horrific wars. jews and their leaders are not
disposable. may g-d bless prime minister netanyahu, leader of the
sovern jewish state of israel, giver of the laws of moses.
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