Incendiary kite sparks major fire near Sapir College
Matan Tzuri, Or Azran
Published: 05.06.18, 16:23
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1. Why
Yakov ,   Afula   (06.05.18)
is Gaza not ablaze.
2. The Israeli Right showing how incompetent it is.
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.05.18)
If you can't do the job let someone else do it. Netanyahu should retire. He likes being important but is afraid to take any action.
Israelis are clueless, they simply have no idea how to deal with the current kite attacks. They are obsessed with super-sophisticated ,ultra-expensive and useless weapons systems such as the Iron Gnome ( Iron Dome ) but can not effectively defend and protect Israel from cheap, simple and unspophisticated weapons which can do a lot of damage.
Israelis need to temprarily forget about the high-tech super-weapons BS and come down to earth and try to effectively counter basic but lethal kites .
4. Snipers
Sky Blue ,   BucureČ™ti   (06.05.18)
I still don't understand. The incendiary kits fly low enough to be shot down by snipers .If you place a sniper every kilometer alongside Gaza border they should be able to shoot down the incendiary kits easily
5. Israel not wiling to do whats necessary to protect its peopl
6. Kites
Joe   (06.05.18)
And world media says F..K all about this if it was Israel doing it there will be cameras everywhere and this gives Hamas stamp of approval to carry on
7. and the reason??
IRA H BERKOWITZ ,   Foster City, Ca.   (06.06.18)
and the reason that the, "leaders", of hamas and, "Balasteen" islamic jihad have not yet been targeted for an up close and personal encounter with a mini rocket fired through their
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