Report: Argentina cancels Jerusalem soccer match amid anti-Israel complaints
Nadav Zenziper, Tomer Ganor and Reuters
Published: 05.06.18, 23:42
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1. And now their team is doomed, Messi is done, finito! At
least I know now, what team I'll be rooting for to lose! !
2. I hope our Rabbis that "control" weather& seas are on it:
brewing a fitting curse on the Argentinian team :-))
as far as I'm concerned, they stand no chance in the championship.
3. To the Argentinian FA and players
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (06.06.18)
If you are too frightened to play the ball then pack your marbles and go home.
4. Miri played a political game - and lost. BDS was given a win
Zionist ,   Kfar Saba   (06.06.18)
The only reason to play in Jerusalem, was to make a political statement.

BDS opposed ANY game, Argentina opposes moving the game from Haifa, where it was planned.

It would be like moving a game from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to Brazilia, or from Nice to Paris.

There is no reason a game could not be played in Haifa - until politics got in the way.

BDS Boneheaded Disastrous psudoSupporter of Israel
5. There must be consequences that will hurt Argentina likewise
Monty   (06.06.18)
6. Jerusalem is occupied Palestinian city
Lionel Prytson ,   Madrid   (06.06.18)
7. reply to Mauricio Bucci fb
Adler   (06.06.18)
considering that Tedy Kollek never was denied a visation to any country for being anti-semist, racists, communist or drug addited as Maradona, yours is a very silly comment.
Tedy Kollek was an Israeli politician who served as mayor of Jerusalem for 28 years & advocated religious tolerance and made numerous efforts to reach out to the Arab community during his tenure.
Tolerance is one of the core values of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts; in 1997, Kollek was awarded the Prize of Tolerance of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts for being an individual committed to tolerance, humanity, & dialogue as well as anti-racism. - And for your information the Tedy Kollek Stadium is not located in East Jerusalem side, and probably the place will host the European Song Contest Eurovision next year.
8. But Argentina STILL love us!
Truth be told on the Israeli side there was a great deal of "foul play" with ticket sales, with choosing the location or rather moving the location of the game from Haifa to Jerusalem, and, very important, who would shake Messi's hand.

Basically the Palestinians have saved us a great deal of money and an even greater deal of since Argentina loves us so much and should remember not to cry for Argentina!
9. The real reason
Philip ,   Northern Israel   (06.06.18)
They had no wish to be subjected to the shameful and degrading behaviour of the Israelie minister of sport and culture.
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