Opinion  Shimon Shiffer
Deal with Gaza now, leave Iran for later
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 07.06.18, 23:44
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1. Bibi
Gaga ,   Ohio   (06.08.18)
Bibi wants war with Iran.
2. Oy Shiffer, what took you so long to find yet another anti-
Bibi subject you could confabulate about?
3. The solution is simple: allow Gaza to live And ther& breathe
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.08.18)
And there will be no kites or rockets. Hamas' rhetoric about liberating Haifa can be ignored! Take my word for it.
4. Hillel said: don"t do unto others...the rest is commentary
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.08.18)
5. Deal both with kite mass arson AND Iran.
Roberto Feldmann ,   Santiago de Chile.   (06.08.18)
You don't need to make the case that dealing with Iran is a distraction from the obvously urgent need to "roll-up your sleeves" and deal with the ecocide by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, who are burning Israel's Gaza vecinity to ashes. Israel - and the PM - can and must deal with both.
Unfortunately ,Prime Minister Netanyahu is obsessed with Iran ,and has been for years. He is right to be anxious and careful because Iran is a real threat towards the jewish state, but sadly he ignores other real and pressing threats and problems, such as Gaza which is a real and present danger. It is not all about Iran and netanyahu should realize this....
Netanyahu has recently score a few own goals, both in the argentine football match fiasco and his visit to Europe. He ignored Gaza and flew to Britain to try to gain support ,only to be told off like a naughty schoolboy and lectured to by British PM May. Bibi would have been better off staying at home and dealing with the kite problem emanating from Gaza which .if ignored, will not simply go away.
As for british PM Theresa may, rather than worrying about iranian nuclear ambitions, she needs to sort out the horrible levels of deadly violence in London which makes mexico look safe.
8. is this a joke?
C   (06.08.18)
first, hamas and islamic jihad are proxies of iran.
second, the trump administration, unlike all previous administrations,
is helping israel to get rid of the genocidal shia terror regime and
its terror proxies.
third, israel is strong enough to fight on several fronts at once.
israel had defeated numerous combined arab armies in three
wars. now israel is stronger than ever.
9. israeli pms and terror
rory   (06.08.18)
going back to eshkol, although he stammered, he was good enough to go along with the idf plan to preempt. later Rabin was good enough to demand perfection in the runup to the entebbe raid.

begin showed determination to respond heavily to terror. shamir was cut from the same cloth.

peres went the other route via oslo and was determined in the peace arean wthout much success and full of delusions. ehud barak was a total bust as pm where he did little to fight terror.

sharon was decisive on west bank terror pushing the idf to shake of the rust and go to it.

olmert was a disaster in security, a total disaster. but he took dagan's advice to attack syria though he tried to get bush to do it. now we come to netanyahu.

while he talks a good game, he shows little understandoing of the battlefield and what to do. he shrinks from major decisions.he is behaving now just like in protective edge, doing next to nothing and chirping about heavy blow while hamas can't stop laughing. he should step down. he doesn't have it.
10. I said that here a number of times.
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.08.18)
It's irresponsible to leave the south burning and do nothing. Apparently the Right can't think of anything to do so they ignore the problem hoping it will go away. Very mature behaviour for a government.
11. Get real people: these are just kites& monetary loss! Of
course we could (should?) shoot the Arabs launching them, but is it worth it?
Remember: we can easily fight Arabs on the battlefield, but the anti-Israeli West is quite a mouthful.
Our real might is the financial standing of Israel.
We cannot risk any "sanctions", however antisemitic in their true nature they may be.
12. All I can say is - I'm so glad that Shimon Shiffer is not PM
SM ,   In the West   (06.08.18)
13. Hillel sayeth... Bomb Gaza and Iran.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (06.08.18)
14. Wait I say. Wait on haShem for Gaza's fate that the Prophet
Rivkah   (06.08.18)
Zephaniah said will happen. HaShem is going to kill every living being in Gaza and it will become a sheepfold and pasture. For all the buildings and roads and people there to disappear, haShem has to open up the Earth and swallow it all into hell. That will happen very shortly with the Pole Shift and Earth Changes when the Earth passes through the tail of Nibiru with firey meteorites hitting the earth causing earthquakes and tsunamis and volcano eruptions and the plates of the Earth shifting. Will it be this month as NASA is reported to be telling people privately, on the 11th? Will it be in October when NASA is saying it will be publicly? Or will it be in late 2019 to 2020 when Russia says it will happen. JUST WAIT ON HASHEM. HE WILL DEAL WITH GAZA.
15. Make our next Gaza War our last Gaza War!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.08.18)
War is Gaza is almost certainly coming. Israel's insane Gaza retreat paved the way for endless Gaza war, terror and rockets. There is no way Israel can leave our people at the mercy of "Palestinian" Gaza terrorists.

However, we can choose to make our next Gaza War our last Gaza War by keeping Gaza forever. If we stupidly leave Gaza again, we will have to come back for yet another Gaza War in a couple of years at the most, and another war after that...forever.
16. The Gaza impasse
Moshe   (06.08.18)
Mr. Shiffer and other leftists should understand one truth – That not every problem has a solution. Israel cannot make a peace deal with an organization which its raison d'être is the destruction of the Jewish state and the annihilation of Jews. On the other hand, toppling the Hamas government will not solve the dilemma – Egypt doesn't want back the strip (the Egyptians are not stupid), PA will not for long rule the enclave, because most of its residents are Hamas supporters and it will be ejected like in 2007, and Israel does not want to undergo the terror it endured before it left in 2005, and to burden the economic yoke to sustain a backward society.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (06.10.18)
Once the mullahs are put down then the rest of the crazy Muslim world will start follow the suit. Cut off the snakes head and not its tail. Snake can rebuild a new tail soon.
18. No, You cut the hydra head (Iran) not the arms that grow
Avi L.   (06.11.18)
No, You cut the hydra head (Iran) not the arms that grow back each time
19. How about fighting fire with fire?
BBB   (06.12.18)
A few well placed kites lit aflame over Gaza to make the point start a fire and Israel will burn your rotten asses.
20. # 13 JVC AMEN!!
BBB   (06.12.18)
21. And Iranians want war with her Mullahs!
BBB   (06.12.18)
Hope they tear these old bearded ladies into shreds and feed them to the dogs.
22. Annexe Gaza and deal with mullahs
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (06.13.18)
Gaza should be annexed, and all the trouble makers repatriated to arab countries, and deal with the mullahs, cut their beards off and hang them on the trees using their own turbans. these evil entities should be destroyed.
23. Yeaahhh bomb gaza and Iran
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (06.13.18)
Bibi should bomb Iran and Gaza. Get rid of the mullahs, and hamas. Annexe Gaza.
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