IAF completes multi-front drill as Gaza tensions surge
Yoav Zitun
Published: 07.06.18, 21:59
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1. The possibilities are endless
Julius ,   Destrehan Plantation   (06.07.18)
I'm praying for a successful campaign.
2. We have yet to see shaked talk very tough
Tehraniporou   (06.07.18)
And make demands and raise her voice. Ooohhhhh
3. Gaza terror entity will not be saved by the EU
C   (06.07.18)
the europeans can babble all they want, but the sovereign jewish state
will continue to defend herself against the islamic terrorists and all
other enemies.
4. Gaza
michael ,   Raanana   (06.08.18)
The only resolution of the problem is the removal of the arabs from Gaza to the vast empty lands controlled by their 21 native arab lands.
5. Mr
Adolf ,   Pappete   (06.08.18)
The Gaza confrontation is a distraction for the Iranian regime consolidation of its bases in Syria as well as the assy of weapons for the next campaign against IIsrael which will started by Hezbollah this summer
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