Iranians chant 'Death to Israel', 'Death to America' in Jerusalem Day rallies
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Published: 08.06.18, 12:10
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1. Funny
Rami ,   Helsinki   (06.08.18)
Your average Iranian lives hand to mouth. And you want to be friends with saudis when your houthi terrorists bomb their cities with missiles provided by you.
2. Iranians - destroy your cellphones, internet, etc.
barbara ,   Haifa   (06.08.18)
Upon destruction of Israel, all cyber/internet activity will end. Why ?
Because Israel is the place that all the basic pieces are developed.

Also, note that medically, the world will turn back in advancement as
Israel is more advanced and enhanced, medically.

And, as for security defenses - we have nothing to be afraid of - especially
you Iranians.

So, if you desire your own destruction - then go ahead with your threats.
3. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (06.08.18)
too much time spent shouting on parade. more time should be spent working. too many Iranians too stupid to get it. Iran is a corrupt sick state. meanwhile Israel exists and prospers. and can defeat an enemy or two as well. how much better ME could be with more sane people. pity.
4. The religion of peace speaks.
Brad ,   USA   (06.08.18)
No matter what western liberals, socialist "Christians, and the media have to say, Islam just keeps showing everybody its hand. Muslims can't help it. They're so full of hate that they can't control themselves. Religion of peace, huh? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
5. Lunatics like Iranians, Pals can give it,can't take it
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.08.18)
They can burn flags and shout death but if anyone does it to them they go hysterically berserk. They are emotional nut cases.
6. If the Iranians care so much about their Palestinian
Peter Falk ,   Canberra   (06.08.18)
brothers then why do not they relieve them of their misery, provide them with hospitals , schools , housing , food........
Why are they providing them with weapons only?
Iranians are satanic brothers to the Palestinians.
Surely it is not either the way Palestinians are fighting Israelis that will bring peace in the region.
Palestinians have to become adults and leave aside their hatred to the Israelis, and sit with Israelis for negotiation.
Once the Pals prove their true peace intention , Israelis will have no problem reaching an agreement (agreement which was avoided by the late yasser arafat just to keep the ongoing situation and keep receiving money from the different donor countries, after all it is beneficial to promote hate and receive money than to work).
With this logic Pals will be always beggars , distressed and fighting a lost cause.
Pals wake up!!! grow up to be mature and see the future with a different scope!!
Your Iranian brothers are just selling you an illusion , a mirage for their own political and regional purpose.
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