4 Palestinians dead in Naksa Day protests on Gaza border
Yoav Zitun
Published: 08.06.18, 20:49
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1. Now another complaint that they don't have tyres
EDDIE ,   south africa   (06.08.18)
for their vehicles and will blame Israel for the shortage.
2. bibi did not meet with EU mogerini
ray   (06.08.18)
it is good that bibi did not want to meet with the European weasels who try to blackmail Israel. as for pm may who wants an investigation into gaza situation, she can kish mir in tuches. trump may be right abut the whole of Europe being a screwed up weak snivelers.

the mistake that bibi made was he should have told Kerry to get lost along with indyk, kurtzer and ross. when the Arabs want to cut a deal, they know who to call.
3. Muslims love violence.
Brad ,   USA   (06.08.18)
But only when it happens to someone else. Muslims are always stirring the pot, always being violent. So, let them have violence. Let violence come down on their own heads. The "protesters", tire burners, rock thowers, etc., are just as much enemy combatants as other terrorists. The IDF is making sure the terrorists are paying a price for their violence, and that's a great thing. If the IDF stops being so polite about it, the Muslim violence will stop sooner. And to hell with what the rest of the world thinks about it. Islam, Marxism, and all other evil will disappear some day, but Israel will endure forever
4. The vocabulary is too bland
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (06.08.18)
The terrorists who attack property with incendiary kites are ARSONISTS.

5. Yet another Peaceful Protest sponsored by Hamas!
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (06.08.18)
6. And at the right time
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.08.18)
THE TRUE feelings of Gazans will surface

And not hundreds or thousands but TENS OF THOUSANDS of Gazans are getting ready when the time is right to march the length of Salah al-Din Road demanding NO MORE WAR and that Hamas IS BROUGHT TO ACCOUNT
7. Selective Protest
Ioannis ,   USA   (06.08.18)
How is the attack on the Egyptian border fence going? Probably pretty quiet there since the Egyptians wouldn't use bolt action sniper rifles - they would use machine guns, and the Gazans know it.
8. Yawn.Pal leaders send Pals to their death again.
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.08.18)
So Palestinians get some temporary publicity. Then everyone will forget about them again. The old fart Palestinian leaders can go back to their comfortable lives while the young are dead and crippled.How long will the Palestinian sheep
continue with their stupidity before holding their leaders accountable?
9. palis are the dumbest on earth
vr2000 ,   nowhere   (06.08.18)
They know that hamas don't care for them, but they still volunteer to become cannon fodder.
How dumb is that?
10. Ynet sympathetic photo = Hate for our soldiers
Ynet=5thColumn ,   Jerusalem   (06.08.18)
While ynet staff sit on their lazy asses in Tel Aviv
Young Israeli soldiers in heat of the day
Protect ynet staff ynet is 5th Column
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