Netanyahu refuses to meet with EU foreign policy chief
Itamar Eichner
Published: 08.06.18, 18:20
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1. Would we enter a "dialogue" with Goebbels? Of course not!
2. I applaud Bibi! Good to see some self respect
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.08.18)
Bibi is totally 100% right not to meet European Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini. Her positions towards Israel are hostile, cowardly and despicable. One of the reasons we Jews reclaimed our 4,000 plus year old Homeland is so Jews wouldn't have to beg and grovel for approval. Both Bibi and Israel deserve to be treated with great respect. Nobody can be respected by others till they respect themselves. Those who don't respect Israel can go to "a thousand hells", as an Israeli politician recently put it.
3. MOGHERINI is an Iranian plant
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (06.08.18)
Her name sounds Iranian.Her policies are aimed at protecting IRAN Hisballah and HAMAS.She is probably paid by Qatar and or IRAN.
4. If it would save Jews I'd "dialogue" with Goebbels
5. PM Netanyahu RESIGN NOW!
6. why am I not surprised?
Livia Drusilla ,   Israel   (06.08.18)
Netanyahu no longer has the best interests of the people of Israel as his central goal...he has forgotten that a prime minister is merely a civil servant of the people.
7. Finally!
tiki ,   belgium   (06.08.18)
This was long overdue.
This abominable woman isn't elected by anyone and represents only herself.
A Belgian citizen ,   Belgium   (06.08.18)
When asked about Jerusalem as capital and the so-called violation of International Law she is incapable of giving the slightest answer. Just hostility and ignorance. Being the foreign minister of the European Community, shows the real level of this institution!!!
9. Maybe it’s time for Israel to stop selling shat to the EU.
Ken   (06.08.18)
See how that works.
10. That would be precisely the reason to meet
doda   (06.08.18)
and hopefully influnce in a way that sways her opinions.
But Bibi is too stupid and full of underserved pride to do that.

we need a NEW head of our country - NOW
11. wow! Netanyahu's chach-chachim r out in full numbers 2day!
12. mostly these idjiots r upset because Messi isn't coming...
so instead of sorting things out...they like their leaders go on the offensive...because in their minds...that's the best defensive action.
Wonder what they will do for fun when the Messiah arrives?
13. meanwhile Judea & Shomron fruit & vegetables are rotting...
judea&shomron ,   is Israel   (06.08.18)
at the airport.
Netanyahu wants to thumb his nose at the Europeans fine whatever.
But we Judea & Shomron farmers NEED to sell our produce...when will Netanyahu take time from his schedule and represent us?
14. Mogherini can go to Iran instead and kiss the asses
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.08.18)
of her MOST beloved mullahs !
15. Mogherini is not worthy Of Netanyahu's time
Arthur ,   yes   (06.09.18)
When there is no common ground and with the likes of Mogherini who clearly refuses to acknowledge Israel's difficult position and its efforts to resolve the conflict, instead the likes of Mogherini only inflame the situation. No meeting with Mogherini would alter her stance against Israel, So Netanyahu is correct in his position of not meeting with such people, as to do so would be seen as giving credibility to people who actually have no credibility but posses only an agenda
16. she tell him Iran doesn't mean those thing it says 2kill you
jore ,   la   (06.09.18)
18. Blame the messenger
N ,   N   (06.09.18)
Does anybody think that she's the real culprit and not a straw(wo)man?
19. fantastic
David   (06.09.18)
I'm happy that this arrogant anti-Semitic bureaucrat finally has encountered a consequence for her actions.
20. She is a devout Communist & opportunist
PutHerInHerPlace ,   Jerusalem   (06.09.18)
She was a ranking member of the Italian
Communist Party until it was dissolved
Swept into chaotic Left Wing Italian politics
She has not changed still fanatic and would love to see
Israel dissapear great that Netanyahu
Slapped her down drunk with EU power
That she is she has big title but nothing
Behind it
21. 50 years of occupation are destroying Israel's morality.
Stan ,   Israel   (06.09.18)
Just as SA during apartheid was condemned for not giving non-whites basic human rights, so Israel will continue to be condemned for the occupation. This policy is not anti-Semitism.
If my govt. was truly ready to make peace, It could have achieved it years ago.
22. Send her to Mars
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (06.09.18)
She has nothing constructive to offer Israel.
She is an enemy.
23. Try reading the comments here.
24. #2 Chaim AMEN!!
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (06.10.18)
And the big EU corrupt biz owners and nothing else. BB did the right thing to ignore her. She is nobody. Israel security and destiny must come first and foremost before EU looks into its profits from the mullahs.
26. At least Bibi shows some decency
Daniel   (06.10.18)
leftwing eu-paid idiots like tzipi would grovel and suck up to her
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