Assad: Israel, Russia not coordinating on Iranian pullout from south Syria
Daniel Salami
Published: 10.06.18, 09:40
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1. The pin
Avi L.   (06.10.18)
This murderous moron is just the pin that holds everything together, that artificial Sykes-Picot entity called "Syria" containing alawis gangs, iranian thugs and their minions from Hezballah.

He is as good as anybody's will to keep "Syria" together.

Once he won't deemed useful by some party the package will unravel with an alawistan under russian protectorate, a turkish playground in the north, and some kind of free for all in the middle libyan style where it will be difficult for the iranian to stay.
2. US supports Al qaeda? Assad is becoming a little...
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (06.10.18)
senile at his young age. He needs to see a shrink. They say he is a murderer.... may the psychiatrist put a straight jacket on Assad for safety.
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