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Poll shows deep divisions between Israelis and American Jews
Associated Press
Published: 10.06.18, 12:10
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1. Common genetics are not enough to guarantee cohesiveness!
2. American Jews are species apart from us, Israelis. They are
also very, very dumb& clueless as to their own situation, world politics in general.
It's enough to engage in 5 min. conversation with most of them before throwing one's hands up in the air in utter despair.
Beyond repair, actually.... :-((
3. Pure political question.
dan ,   kfar saba, ISRAEL   (06.10.18)
The approval or disapproval of the Donald, whether about the relations with Israel or anything else, is for the US Jew a political question.

This only proves that US Jews are NOT Israelis in disguise.
4. Of course.
Peter NYC   (06.10.18)
It’s the difference between reading about out something, from within the ivory tower, and actually living it.
5. 34% in America
avi ,   nyc   (06.10.18)
are the ones who practice Judaism and have Jewish children and grandchildren
6. Estranged
Michael ,   Raanana   (06.10.18)
American Jews are assimilating and leaving Judaism in large numbers.
American Jews are either uninformed or misinformed about Judaism and Israel.
American Jews are indifferent to the well being of the Jews of Israel.
American Jews, the secular ones on a path to path to oblivion.
American Jews are universalists, who have no belief or understanding of the glory of Israel.
7. why the suprise
judah ,   jerusalem   (06.10.18)
The majority of Jews in Israel are Mizrahi who are overwhelming traditional or religious whilst those in the USA are Ashkenazi liberals
8. There's intelligent Jewish life beyond the USA
Roberto Feldmann ,   Santiago de Chile.   (06.10.18)
Jews think and feel like Israelis in Brazil, Italy, Russia, México, Hungary, Chile, Belgium, Argentina, France, Costa Rica, Spain, Austria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Perú, the Netherlands, Uruguay, etc. etc. etc. We are three million, but somehow, for too many articles, "diaspora = USA". It's wrong.
9. Israelis and American Jews
Sylvain Weiller ,   Jerusalem   (06.10.18)
Jerusalem, the US, Canada ... I went in all !
When counting Jews in the US take the orthodox ones and never the reform ones ! Indeed to be a reformed Jew you just have to tell other you are one. This has nothing to do with a real conversion. Reform Jews are just Fake Jews :) It is bad for them and bad for us ... Moreover the nation of Israel is rebuilding itself and opposition of the secular Jews towards the orthodox jews is dropping as more and more thousands of h'aredim now join the army ! I feel that at some point many democrat reformed will no more care at all about a state leaning to an Israel kingdom and eventually get separated and create a new kind of Christianity maybe even underneath fighting the re-birthed nation ...
10. #2 thank u 4 profound explanation re: Americans....
who have immigrated to Israel.
You are correct they are a species apart from us Israelis.
Americans who have immigrated to Israel are loud, obnoxious, supercilious and right wing. They are a foreign implant! We need to send them back to where they belong...the USA where they can be dumb and clueless.
11. Canadian Jews
Arnie ,   Montreal   (06.10.18)
I think we Canadian Jews like our American Jews be they Orthodox, Conservative, Redorm , or Egalitarian have one thought in common. That is that we are Jewish and we believe Israel has the right to exist in peace with her neighbors.
12. US Jews appeasing liberals.Israelis are nationalists.
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.10.18)
US Jews want to be welcome by their non-Jewish neighbours. Israeli Jews have to fight to keep their country. Israeli Jews don't stick their noses into how US is run and US Jews should stop trying to dictate how Israel is run. US Jews visit Israel as tourists. They don't risk their lives for it so they should butt out.
13. need to analyze U.S Jewry - not uniform
BZ ,   NEW JERSEY, US   (06.10.18)
- poll is misleading !
- who Paid for this poll ?
- who did they poll ?
- Orthodox Jewry would align( 90 % + ) with Israelis on Trump, Kotel and
opposition to Palestinian state
14. Fake news
Desertstraw   (06.10.18)
Although it is unintentional, this is fake news. It is impossible to poll Jews in the U.S. and certainly not by telephone. Based on people whom I know there are large numbers of Jews who have no affiliation but immediately identify themselves as Jews to another Jew. I even know one whose daughter went on Birthright Israel.
15. American Jews cannot distance themselves from the increasing
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.10.18)
Antisemitic Democrats
17. only group who tell another nation what to do internally
18. Simple Math
GF ,   Jerusalem   (06.10.18)
80% of US Jews are Secular (Conservative, Reform, etc.)
20% of US Jews are Orthodox
75% of Israeli Jews are Right*
25% of Israeli Jews are Left*

* Israel is 75% Jewish, therefore they are represented by 90 of the 120 seats in the Knesset.
68 seats in the present Right govt represent 75% of Israeli Jews (68/90=0.75).

Like I said, Simple Math
19. Diaspora leads to spiritual or physical holocaust.
Hornet ,   Trump Country   (06.10.18)
The opinion of secular, assimilated, US Jews is irrelevant. The clock is ticking down their eventual demise, spiritual or otherwise. After 50 years of their liberal politics and siding with the enemies of Israel, good riddance.
20. No division
Boaz ,   Chicago   (06.10.18)
If you split it by religious, secular and non affiliated there would be no difference. 88% of American Jews vote Democratic, they also happen to be secular and/or unaffiliated. Their religion is the Democratic Party that brought us the Iran deal. These Jews only define themselves as Jews when taking these polls to meet the needs of the Democratic Pary and the Labor Pary in Israel. These Democratic Jews would do themselves some good and teach themselves and their peers some basic history.....
21. Another poll another error
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (06.11.18)
Supporting Israel should be unbiased and independent from political or religion
reasons and give all the benefit of doubt as Israel is doing at most to defend its citizen, should be any alteration to play OVER HUHAM when sitting in your comfort full of lofty but not fusible ideas in ME environment, all survey is virtual is failure to represent a such heterogeneity population.
22. Considering the Democrats stood for slavery
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (06.11.18)
and America fought a Civil War to unite America without slaves, you'd think these Democrat losers would have learned more than to be left with the legacy of also beginning the KKK.
You'd think but, the Democrats don't.
( Or they wouldn't have voted in an Arab Muslim as President.)
23. Hmm, correct me if I'm wrong but, didn't Germany's Jews
BBB   (06.11.18)
Support Hitler when he began?
We don't always act like Einstein.
24. #2 The same democrats who voted for Arab Obama.
Shows how damned dumb we can be.
25. If American Jews are so smart
BBB   (06.11.18)
why do they remain Democrats who are the party who were slave owners and
why did America have to fight a cvil war to correct this gross error?
The legacy of the Democrats is the KKK which they began and still are a part of.
26. meaningless poll
david ,   new york   (06.11.18)
most American jews have zero jewish identity, couldn't care less about Israel or jews in the world, know next to nothing about anything jewish and have complete allegiance to the democratic party, even though they are viscously anti-Israel.

the people to poll should be those who are identified, nearly al of them are orthodox. that population is exploding while the others are withering.
27. Most Jews in US I know would poll like Israeli Jews
David ,   Boston   (06.11.18)
Hard to believe US results. Maybe statistical sample isnt that good? There are plently of leftist self hating Jews and Neuteri Karta who are anti Zionists, but neither makes up a sizeable population in the US. The far left and far right are clearly anti semitic, but most Jews in the US dont identify with either. Unfortunately, the news tends to spread half truths or slanted stories more and more trying to give leftist opinions instead of facts with critical analysis (there still is some of this). I dont understand how many Jews other than the extremists arent thrilled the US corrected a wrong by moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Regardless of any peace deal, that had to happen. Also, there were embassies in Jerusalem before. It is good they are there again. Its a necessary step towards peace.
28. american jewa
ella ,   paris   (06.12.18)
29. Typical Associated Press article
Eliyahu Konn   (06.13.18)
The Associated Press has to be owned by genetic jews. Why can't they see they can't expect respect from Israel when they are so caustic towards them. They are swamp.
30. american jews
LARRY LISS ,   US ARMY 24 YEARS   (06.13.18)
90% weak lost token jews no idea of daily life of the israeli no military service
yes i am an american jew served 24 years in the us army then became a police officer migrating back to my true homeland israel in order to be with jews with balls not all mouth
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