Netanyahu: Removing Iranian forces from Syria 'is a process'
Yael Friedson
Published: 10.06.18, 13:22
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1. Nuclear fission is a "process' too, takes billionth of a sec
2. long process, run to others to do israel's work
geroge   (06.10.18)
ran is afraid of mostly its own people. the leadership has planes ready on notice to fly them to moscow in case.

long process-only a neville chamberlain talks this way. iran respects brute force. smash them or set insurrections in iran. then they may recalculate.

long process-welcome to neville chamberlain and his endless pleadings.
3. Hasbara, Psyops, Disinformation, 3 truths 1 lie, Propaganda
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (06.10.18)
4. My theory is getting momentum
Tehraniporou   (06.10.18)
Trump is like Ahmadinejad e is uniting a coalition against himself. The EU will start to act as a great commercial power and will restrain trump. The threat of cutting access to the EU market the biggest market in the world could hit hard us companies and trump will back down. It is also the historic opportunity to replace the usd with the euro. The process of the us decline has started and it will be painful
5. The trade war started with a eu and Canada is grotesque
Tehraniporou   (06.11.18)
An example of a united front against trump. With effective countermeasures trump will calm down
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