Netanyahu offers to save 'countless' Iranian lives with Israeli water tech
Itamar Eichner
Published: 10.06.18, 22:06
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1. Dhimmi tribute,prescribed by the Prophet. Netanyahu never
ab   (06.10.18)
learns. Stupidity of Israeli elites is boundless
2. Netanyahu offers Water Tech to Iran
Deborah Greenfield ,   Aiken USA   (06.11.18)
As Torah states:" If you would see the donkey of your enemy lying under his burden, do not allow yourself to desert him, but forsake everything else and hasten to his aid." EXODUS 23:5. Israel can offer life-saving tech without compromising her security; would that Jews try, albeit once again, to unify our fragile planet; this precious carrier of Life that floats in the starlit vastness of God's universe.
3. Nice "spiel" for the cameras, it won't ferment Iranian revo-
lution tough.
4. Bibi takes the right direction at last!
Tehraniporou   (06.10.18)
His videos in Farsi are good. He should remind the years of development lost in 40 years. There is a window of opportunity to help the people improve their lives. Political initiatives alongside sanctions to help people or bring relief to them is vital.
5. Simplest way to save water in the world
Neeraj Kapoor ,   New Delhi   (06.11.18)
A simplest way to save water in the world with no cost as follows:

Step 1: At a washbasin – Just turn water tap maximum and measure total volume of water in a minute. That’s around 9 liters or more.
Step 2: There is a knob below every wash basin.
Step 3: Turn it little to reduce water flow.
Step 4: Water tap maximum volume of water in a minute should be equal to 6 liters or near it.
So, you save water 33% or more at the wash basin with no cost, time, or much effort.

6. leadership
David   (06.11.18)
Some day, when Iran experiences its next revolution, which is a matter of time, there will be streets named after Netanyahu in Tehran.
7. feed the beast while it devours you
C   (06.11.18)
8. wow.. .Erin Brokovitch syndrome
Adler   (06.11.18)
Israel recycled nearly 90% of Israel waste water?

9. Good morning! this isn't the book "Dune"
this is real life...they don't want spice, they don't want water.
They want to blow us off the face of the earth...meanwhile our Prime Minister makes a two minute commercial about water.
So not effective!
10. Israel is going thru a drought,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (06.11.18)
What in the hell is this man talking about?
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