Lieberman, Eisenkot lock horns over Gaza dispute
Itamar Eichner, Yoav Zitun
Published: 11.06.18, 08:40
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1. Something's rotten in our IDF, too many of these defeatist
pseudo-politicians in uniform!
2. Dismay and Silence
joe ,   gush etzion   (06.11.18)
The Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff were at loggerheads. The PM was silent, not wanting to be quoted later in one of the usual leaks of cabinet meetings. Bennet instead of contributing to a meaningful discussion decided to torpedo any suggestion by linking it to the return of Israelis from captivity.
3. Hamas responsible for humanitarian crisis in Gaza !
barbara ,   Haifa   (06.11.18)
4. So much for the fancy bunker
keren tzafon ,   Tzafon israel   (06.11.18)
I thought meetings were to be held there to prevent leaks....
5. Because of death....
Eliyahu Konn   (06.11.18)
"The chief of staff and defense establishment’s stance, which was presented to the cabinet, dealt with solutions to the urgent humanitarian needs—water, electricity, health, food and the sewerage system—which provide life and therefore shouldn’t be contingent on returning the soldiers and citizens."

Hope you all see this reasoning which is complete bs and tied like a corpse to religious pandering. Where did, "...which provide life..," come from. From religious panderers. Why didn't they say, "Kill a person before he kills you,"? Because they can't keep their religious bs straight. Eisenkot doesn't even know why he said it or if he did he is the sly above all animals.
6. Lieberman is right
Rami ,   Helsinki   (06.11.18)
Concessions will only lead to new demands and bullying. They voted for a group that openly says it wants to kill millions.
7. Eizenkot is being insubordinate
C   (06.11.18)
the idf is under the rule of the civilian government.
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