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'The Band's Visit' dances away with a leading 10 Tony Awards
AP and Amir Bogen
Published: 11.06.18, 08:09
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1. Turned a lovely movie into a crappy musical
Disillusioned   (06.11.18)
There isn't a single musical that doesn't have the same old mediocre music and the same old mediocre voices. A poignant, amusing and original destroyed by Broadway kitsch that has now taken over the wonderful world of proper drama and turned it into cheap song and dance routines that pulverize the point of the story. But of course, it's all about money. And money speaks over good taste.
2. And the audience cursed President Trump
NoGreatHonor4Us ,   Jerusalem   (06.18.18)
Dinero called the President the F word
And the deranged haters of Trump
Went wild screaming and applauding
It was no great honor for zistael to
Win an award there.
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