18-year-old girl stabbed in Afula, Palestinian suspect arrested
Ahiya Raved, Yoav Zitun
Published: 11.06.18, 13:13
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1. Why
Yakov ,   Afula   (06.11.18)
is he still breathing ? Why is his family home still standing.
2. Keep Gazans and West Bankers out of Israel.
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.11.18)
If they want to work in Israel let Palestinians make peace or have long term truce. Otherwise, there is no motivation for Palestinians to stop their violence.Israeli leaders talk big but are weak on terror.
3. shooting him in the leg
manny   (06.11.18)
this is why Israel is having so much trouble. women are being stabbed and assailants are shot in the legs. then off to jail for a university degree, 3 good meals a day, TV, visits, cell phone. no wonder sinwar of gaza is so strong. he came out of jail super energized by Israel's bleeding heart rabbinic creed which is not protecting jews.

the only answer short term is jews to get guns and to respond to any terror themselves.not just a few jews, all abled bodied and able minded jews should be armed.
4. Only mass patriotic uprising can end the madness!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.11.18)
"Palestinians" have spent the last century proving, in every humanly possible way, they are Israel's mortal foes. In earlier days, they allied with Nazis to help exterminate Jews. Today, they murder, maim and harm Jews every chance they get. Incredibly, Israel's political leaders STILL don't get it!

Israel continues to reap the bitter fruit of our mad pampering of "Palestinians". What will it take for Israel's leaders to treat "Palestinians" as the defeated mortal foes they are?

It seems only a mass patriotic uprising, by millions of Israelis, DEMANDING immediate Israeli sovereignty in all our lands, and the total end of Israeli support for evil fictional "Palestine" can accomplish this.
I wish this poor young lady who was stabbed, a speedy recovery ,Refuah Shleimah.
6. leiberman may be right about the death penaty for terror
ian   (06.11.18)
apprehend assailants fine with moderate force. then if found guilty of terror incidents, either directly or indirectly, Lieberman's idea would be to apply the death penalty. since it is either Israel or Palestine, Israelis will have to decide.

they have had some 70 years of moderate leadership, fight with one arm tied behind the back, an unbelievably lenient court system and where has it gotten israel? peres, ehud barak, olmert livni and peretz and then bibi tried everything possible except a full on fight.sharon was able to smash west bank terror by an invasion which all the others could not or would not do. but old soldiers get tired and then say what the hell, make big compromises. we see this in all the old soldiers.

the compromise the Arabs have in mind is 1 million jews killed, the rest booted out of their Palestine, and a few kept in their govt.

levy would be minister of journalism, olmert would be ceremonial president, livni would join erekat's department of communications and gabbay would be minister of the environment all in Palestine.
Arabs are pushing Israelis to vote for feiglin whose ideas are completely different from the current govt.

bibi doesn't have the courage, never did, and is more like herzog. lieberman while tougher than barak and yaalon, is still not getting to the root of the problem.

why run around the world like bibi beseeching others on Iran. take care of it yourselves in the Syrian theater.

as for olmert, this ignoramus and security dunce commented the other day that he felt the idf was too tough at the Gaza border. what a shmuck! yet some dumb Israelis want to vote for his best friend's son lapid- another dunce???!!
7. back stabber afraid to face the old & women affesX3/000
jore ,   la   (06.12.18)
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