UK's Prince William to meet Netanyahu, Abbas on landmark Middle East trip
Published: 11.06.18, 20:36
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1. How do we apply for an UK passport? We all wanna b British!
2. He should atone for UK's gargantuan crime of creating Israel
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.11.18)
3. Prince Louis is named for his biological grandfather
Rivkah   (06.11.18)
Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten, the uncle of Prince Philip and the pre-eminent man in post WWII Britain. If you look at photos of young Prince Charles whose mentor was Admiral Mountbatten you will see the nose and ears are of father and son, the classic Primo Nocturno heir to the throne sired by the pre-eminent man in the kingdom. Prince Edward and Princess Anne are Prince Philip's biological children. The dark haired Prince Charles is Louis Mountbatten's son. Prince Andrew is Sir Richard Burton's son, another pre-eminent male in Britain at that time. What is the definition of mass confusion? Father's Day at Buckingham Palace.
4. Dear Kensington Palace
Greer ,   AKL   (06.12.18)
Dear Kensington Palace,

Welcome to Israel and for a long overdue visit.

We did, however, notice the following entry in one of your recent twits:

“In Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, The Duke of Cambridge's visit will be the first official tour on behalf of the Government by a Member of the @RoyalFamily.”
Since this seems to be a visit on behalf of s state and its government, it is important to propose some corrections and provide a reminder of the facts as follows:

These are not "occupied Palestinian Territories". There has never been a Palestinian state and the so-called Palestinians are mostly Arabs, many who have originated from different Arab countries.
Nevertheless, if there is an insistence to refer to them as a nation, then they can live in Jordan, which has all along meant to be for them and is mostly composed of them.

As far as the areas of Judea and Samaria (also referred to as West Bank); prior to 1967 the area of Judea was illegally occupied by Jordan, and was not a Palestinian state. Gaza was occupied by Egypt and was also not a Palestinian state.
While during the Six Days war Israel was forced to conquer those areas, some of those did not legally belong to any state and/or nations at the time. The conquering was further a result of Israel's self-defence in response to attacks and planned attacks by several Arab countries.

Furthermore, since Israel won the Six Days War and since the so-called Palestinians continue to incite violence against Jews and refuse to settle in exchange for peace; Israel is still entitled to hold onto those areas, for its security and defence.

In any event, Israel pulled out of Gaza about 8 years ago, yet its civilians continue to suffer from ongoing attacks of thousands of rockets from Hamas, which is a terrorist organisation. This is not to mention regular murdering of Jews in Israel, the ongoing arsons attacks along the Gaza borders, and more.

I hope this short lesson in history was helpful ahead of the visit.
5. Hello Prince William
Tova   (06.12.18)
I have no doubt your visit will be an eye opener. Perhaps one day you will bring the whole family.

Perhaps one day England will be a country who stands with Israel. British politics is the same as any country. They all love Israel and they all hate Israel.

The problem with England and the rest of the world is that when Jews are persecuted and murdered and put in concentration camps. The world ignores the Jews and yet feel pity for the Jews.

When the Jews fights for Israel and is strong. The world is suddenly afraid.

Don't worry so much about the power of Israel. Worry more about why your country is surrending to Islam. Shame on England for not acknowledging Jerusalem as capital.

If the Queen is for Israel - Let the British Monarchy say so.

Enjoy your visit.
6. Prince William: Please ask HRM QEII to create another crest
Rivkah   (06.12.18)
for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. The symbolism of white feathers in Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon is excrement, quarreling. Another symbolism of feathers is bangs across the forehead which covered the slave brand on the forehead. Julius Caesar was wildly popular for wearing bangs, identifying with the slave class. I agree the wedding ceremony lacked decorum in some ways, but the crest is an insult. Perhaps forgiveness for the lack of decorum might be the better road to take with a different crest that reflects something other than excrement, quarreling and slavery.
TRUE BRIT ,   SAFED HONESTY   (06.12.18)
Your Royal Highness, we are looking forward to your upcoming visit with alacrity and hope you enjoy a fabulous time here ,and my offer to buy you a cold beer still stands. In addition, Israel is a lot safer than London these days what with the unprecented violent crime in London so you can relax and chill here .
8. Willy Wonka
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (06.12.18)
As a Londoner and a Brit I am amazed that Israel should waste its time on this so called Royal as this nonentity as with all the rest of them do not give a toss about the security of Israel and its people...they are the epitome of hypocrisy and representative of all that is reactionary of a they cost us a great deal of money for very little in return... if any.
9. Israel A Close And Important Ally???
David H ,   Atlanta   (06.12.18)
Really? When did that happen? Did I miss something? Jordan and Egypt are closer allies than Londinistan! Israel has been independent for some 70 years. No British government has seen fit to send one of the royals on an official visit in all of that time. So please, spare me. Bill Windsor might be a nice kid, he has a pretty wife and nice kids, and might get to wear the heavy schmattas and wave the big diamonds one day, but I'm less than impressed with the sincerity of this PR event.
10. The Prince coming to meet the King of terror.
tiki ,   belgium   (06.12.18)
After his grandmother the Queen couldn't bring herself to once visit the Jewish homeland in her 66 years of reign, her grandson is coming to visit Israel and it's democratic elected leader Bibi Netanyahu.......and "Palestine" the territory reigned by the King of Terror, uh "President" Abbas.

Shame on you, Prince William!

11. Netanyahu should visit “Occupied N Ireland”
OccupiedIreland ,   Jerusalem   (06.12.18)
12. denying Jew private rights over imaginary line=antisemitism
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