Syrian army boosts air defenses near Israel border
Published: 12.06.18, 17:39
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1. Nice toy
Rami ,   Helsinki   (06.12.18)
How many people in Iran lost their pensions because of it. Assad can only print worthless money.
2. Assad- always doing the wrong thing. Just like his dad.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.12.18)
Stupidity must run in the family. And he's an eye physician? Really? Where'd he go to med school? Wal-Mart?

Anyway, the Russians have given the IAF all the friend-or-foe codes so Israel can fly in and bomb the crap out of Iranian assets at will.

Assad, killer of hundreds of thousands of his citizens, should have better things to be doing than worrying about Israel, but he'd rather make Israel out to be the bad guy to deflect the attention of the few remaining living Syrians.

I'd rather see Putin move a million Russians into Syria than to see Assad remain in power. Let's hope that's the real plan, and he's just letting Assad play 'leader' until he's through with him.
3. Syria entering land illegal as part of ceasefire agreement??
4. Shia terrorists + terror proxies will be bombed into dust
C   (06.12.18)
hitler too, thought he could win a war against world powers.
look at what happened to him and to his thousand year reich.
the genocidal shia terror state is puny by comparison.
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