The silent transfer of Palestinians from Area C
Rida Abu Rass
Published: 14.06.18, 09:52
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1. No one can build without permits. As in Germany UK US
Eden   (06.14.18)
I would love to build s house in the hills of Jerusalem. Without a permit. I can’t have water or electricity and it would be demolished.

There is no favoritism. There are no double standards.

Army firing next to civilians.???. Please show the videos. Until the author can show them. Don’t write about rumors and heresay.
2. Propaganda and lies by the writer
Isaac Storm   (06.14.18)
Khan al-Ahmar is a Bedouin village WITHOUT electricity, running water, sewage, etc... The disease due to unsanitary conditions, like goats running in the human waste, is dangerous. All Israel is doing is moving them to new homes near by that have electricity, running water, sewage! Most of the Bedouins have moved to their new homes. The writer should be ashamed of himself for wanting to subject people to unsanitary conditions under the guise of "silent transfer", especially when the "transfer" is right in the same area - just happens to be nice, clean, and new.
3. At last, a lesson after Issawiya
Raphaël ,   Netanya   (06.14.18)
This section of Jerusalem WITHIN the Green Line, seen on aerial views of neighbouring Mt Scopus as barren wasteland in 1967, was completely squatted by arab settlers without any permit, but without any opposition from the city authorities, creating an urbanistic nightmare: tapped electricity & water, no sewers, a single road access for more than 30,000 people.
It is time to stop landgrabbing by Arabs.
4. Firstly- Khan All Ahmar was a Bedouin "camp" and was
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (06.14.18)
Situated on a site without any amenities as are a lot of these camps- and they have been moved where there are amenities.Secondly the writer calls this a "war crime". war crimes are laid down in the statute created by the international court of crimes and refer to grave breaches of the Geneva conventions,willful killing,torture or inhumane treatment- moving somebody to where there are facilities to sustain normal life is hardly a war crime and if this young man wants to build a career on lies perhaps ynet could direct him to an outlet more in tune to his capabilities.
5. Expulsion of illegals.....
tiki ,   belgium   (06.14.18)
What's the problem? Europeans are doing it every day!

"palestinians" should live in "palestine" under the rule of their elected ruler 'president' Abbas and not in area C in illegal houses build on Israeli grounds paid for with European taxpayers money.

So stop whining and move!
6. Invest in "Palestinian" departure from our land
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.14.18)
"Palestinians" have been busy, for the last century, proving they are Israel's mortal foes. Before Israeli independence, they collaborated with the Nazis to exterminate Jews. Since than, they have attacked, murdered, maimed, demonized, boycotted and harmed Jews and Israel in every humanly possible way.

No other state, in all of human history, has voluntarily supported its foes, as Israel insanely does. Instead of investing in making our "Palestinian" foes comfortable on our land, to endlessly torment us. Israel should invest in "Palestinian" departure. Polls consistently show most want to leave.
7. A record number of PA Arabs migrating TO Area C & Jerusalem
Jake   (06.14.18)
neighborhoods like Kafr Aqab.
8. ho ho ho
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (06.14.18)
this can not be for real. The Arabs are squatters, simple and get booted!
9. I support Palestinians
Ronda J Cooperstein   (06.15.18)
I support Palestinians. I want them to keep their land and to be safe in their homes, just as I want Israelis to be. I'm always sad that Israel is not a bi-national country for all of the people who live there. Palestinians have been forced to give up so much and they deserve equal rights. Nothing less will do.
10. and now for some facts - see wikipedia
Stan ,   Israel   (06.15.18)
In the census carried out in 1931 by the British Mandate, this village had 3 houses and 27 people. In 1945 the population had grown and their land was measured by the mandate as being more than 4000 acres, most of which is not suitable for agriculture. ( It would have been suitable grazing for their sheep or goats) So if it's their land why can't they get building permits? It's simple, to enable Israel to get control of more and more territory in Area C, the department which handles these requests makes it almost impossible to get a building permit in Area C.
In 1975 Israel began a new settlement, Ma'ale Adumim, East of this beduin village. Ma'ale Adumim is now a city and in order to enable it to expand Westwards to join up to Jerusalem, the village of Khan al-Ahmar had to be removed at all costs. QED

11. TRANSFER the Arabs OUT of Israel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.15.18)
12. Palestinian Plan to “choke”Jerusalem
SilentTransferOfJews ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.18)
Everyone knows the plan is this:
From a few huts and tents to a mosque
A village then a town on the main
And only strategic road east to our “neighbor”
Jordan and the Dead Sea once that happens
Israeli civilian traffic will be attacked on a regular
basis just like what’s happening in the Negev
Life will become hell there Jewish communities
Numbering more than 50,000 will be isolated
By Terror oh and of course among those
Who will “suffer” will be the Tel Aviv druggies
Who spend “their Shabbat” on the beaches
Of the Dead Sea the Ynet headline should be called
“The Silent Transfer Of the 50,000 Jews There”
13. mr
david david ,   bkln   (06.16.18)
its the land of Israel not ishmael
14. Silently Expell all Palestinians from Israeli land
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (06.16.18)
Israel should silently Expell all the Palestinians from Israeli landws. Demolish all their infrastructures, Expell to them African or Arab countries. Promised land was given to the Jews by the Almighty God. His laws are irrefutable, and final, the land always belonged to the Jews. Other entities Arabs who are fakestinians, are squatters, therefore they should be evicted.God bless Israel and Bibi, and Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel. Amen....and Amen shalom shabbat.
15. Whoopee evict these evil squatters.
lal ram ,   city   (06.16.18)
These evil squatters should be evicted and expelled to other Arab countries, quietly.
16. Ship Them Out
A Simple Jew ,   Beer Sheva   (06.17.18)
Repatriate them with their brothers in Jordan. They tried to destroy Israel in 1967. The consequence should be their expulsion. It is a matter of justice and should be done as a warning to the surrounding Arabs.
17. mr
david david ,   ny   (06.18.18)
it should not be silent we should shout it loud its the land of Israel not ishmael
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