Women of the Wall defy AG's ruling, leading to clashes
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 15.06.18, 00:50
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1. Go for it boys and girls...
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (06.15.18)
You all have the rights to worship anywhere, everywhere and anytime any phallic symbol you choose.
Any man objecting to the present of a Jewish women take a walk.
Enough is enough, we are fighting the Arabs, anti-Semitic UN, the EU and other beastly world “leaders” day and night, we don’t need a gender war more so a Jew against Jew.
2. The Wall is Man & Women
Tova   (06.15.18)
These women are making it more difficult for themselves. They should have respect for Wall area. And Orthodox men should be ashamed for denying women the right to pray.

GOD listens to the prayers of men and women. Neither group is doing themselves or anyone a mitzvah.

Feminists don't support Praying, or anything that is Holy. There is a huge divide between feminists and being strong women as GOD created women to be.

Israeli women do IDF service. Not because the are feminist. They do it to defend their country, their family and for future generations.

GOD created male and female. The problem with these feminists is they brainwash women to thinking they have rights. Its misleading.

Here is an idea: How about ultra orthodox men marry feminists and let see how that will turn out. Shouldn't be a problem. Both groups are same.
3. this was unnecessary...
I think that everyone should be able to worship as they wish at the Western Wall.
However, I don't agree with the manner in which the Women of the Wall of totally and completely politicized their struggle for religious freedom.
4. Shame on Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit
Desertstraw   (06.15.18)
I have no sympathy for all this praying at the Western Wall because it is idol worship. However the power of the law should not be used in favor of one branch of Judaism or women.
5. mystery
David   (06.15.18)
It seems the article is missing the key element of the dispute which led to this group being barred from the main sections of the Wall, which is not the fact that they want to use certain prayer books, but the fact that they want to wear tefillin, kippot, and read from the Torah, in violation of Jewish tradition.
6. You don't dispute dogmas! Period. You want it different? Get
yourself another religion or start a new one.
This is intellectually insulting.
Ladies: get a friggin' life elsewhere in politics!
7. That white woman is really something in the,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (06.15.18)
so-called holy land and she is a bigger trip being a so-called Jew.
8. WOW want to get noticed and arrested not pray
zionist forever   (06.15.18)
They have an area assigned to them so if they were serious about prayer they would leave the orthodox Jews to pray in their area and WOW would pray in their area.
Members of WOW want to create friction with the orthodox and they want to be arrested then they look like noble martyrs to a cause and it gets them sympathy and support.

WOW leaders have said in the past this is just the first step and the long term goal is to bring down all symbols of orthodoxy in the country.
They want to turn Israel into a mini America where the majority of Jews are reform and to do that they need the seculars to rally around their cause.
This is a group that should be banned just like the Muslim Brotherhood.
9. Tova
zionist forever   (06.15.18)
They are not being denied the right to pray, they are entitled to go into the women section of the plaza and pray the same as everybody else.
What they do not have a right to do is go into what is essentially an orthodox synagogue and start holding reform services against the wishes of the orthodox.
A section has been fenced off for the reformers like WOW to hold prayers anyway they choose so why are they not happy, why do they need to go to the orthodox section and make trouble if all they want to do is pray?
If this had been a proper orthodox synagogue and they came in and did these things they would be kicked out arrested if that was the only way.
10. Elite priveliged us Jews trying to impose their will on othe
11. Robinson's arch created for them years ago stop lying
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