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Religious leaders declare end to Jewish-Muslim conflict in Malmö
Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.06.18, 23:18
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1. Being Swedish is bad enough for your health, being Jewish &
Swedish is a disaster.
This dumb "rebbe" exemplifies it.
The imam is opemly laughing in the face of these clueless lemmings.
Sweden is a goner, if there ever was one.
"Dead man walking" or rather: "Departed Nation still breathing"
2. lasting peace bet the 2 communities unlikely due to Palesti
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.15.18)
3. Peace prevsil
At least some positive news keep it up
4. Yes, but is it Good for the Jews? Yes, but Bad for Muslims..
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (06.15.18)
... because it does not address the root cause of the conflict, the Jewish invasion of Palestine.
5. Absolutely pathetic, yet another dhimmi
Matthew ,   Los Angeles   (06.15.18)
"On Friday, they will announce the end of the conflict between their two communities."

What conflict? A one-sided beatdown is not a conflict. Also, Muslims are a transnational religious community made up of different nationalities, ethnicities, and peoples, whereas the Jews are an actual nation/people (albeit quite varied). Only far-left liberal enemies of the Jews try to equate us with Muslims. It's nonsensical.
6. Same old scheme muslim aggression and then "protection"?
Avi L.   (06.15.18)
"the fact the Muslim leadership in the city took responsibility for the safety of the Jews"?

It is a matter for the State , unless the iman admits that the muslims are responsible for the the aggression, which is the case.

It is the remake of the dhimma where Jews had to pay muslims for getting "protected" (racketed) from the same muslims ... the typical mafia "protection"

7. He the son of the equally naive Malchior
OxymoronSweedishJews ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.18)
His father also was dangerously naive Chief Rabbi Melchior Of Denmark
Two Rabbis from Chelm
8. Simple solution stop preaching hatred in mosques
9. After 1400 years peace?
Ogur   (06.17.18)
What a joke!

Ralph Giordano(a Holocaust surviver)sayed he read the Quran and was shocked.Its about killing and specially again and again about Jews,Jews,Jews...

10. We are a so funny people. It's easier to
Ex Oleh Chadash   (06.20.18)
shake hands with an Ayatollah than a Reform-Conservative fellow Jew.
11. What "Jewish-Muslim conflict"?
Iron Duke   (07.14.18)
Such a conflict doesn't exist and has never existed. The only true conflict is that in which the Muslims and the authentic Jews who are true to the Torah are united against Zionist colonialism. Let's not forget that all the founding fathers of Zionism were outcasts who were not only irreligious or outright atheistic, but their recorded words and letters clearly show that they absolutely despised the mass of traditionalist religious Jewry. The First Zionist Congress had been due to be held in Munich, Bavaria but then every single Rabbi (both Orthodox and Reform) and community leader in the city came out with vociferous and vocal condemnation of the Zionist platform and essentially banished the Zionists from the city. The Zionist Congress was moved instead to Bern, Switzerland where there were hardly any Jews (and thus fewer opponents to protest the Congress).
12. The moslems there can now rest in comfort
David ,   New york   (12.26.18)
Outnumbered 40 to 1, I am certain the Jews in that town were beating the hell out of the moslems and making them live in fear.
Good thing that those Jews stopped terrorizing the moslems there!
13. this must be fake.
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (01.10.19)
Besides Islamophobia is a positive trend, Never believe one that says 'peace. is near'.
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