The Israeli-Palestinian battle over Prince William’s Kotel visit
Yaniv Halily, Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.06.18, 19:54
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1. Tell Willie Windsor to visit Kotel when he becomes King
Alan ,   SA   (06.15.18)
2. William should stay home
C   (06.15.18)
the kotel (western wall) and the old city of ancient jerusalem are part of
sovereign israel.
the united kingdom is being provocative and unhelpful.
the united kingdom has always been pro-arab and anti-israeli.
3. Nothing good can be said about GB's role in our history, so
don't let this punk think he's doing anyone a favor!
4. Trump's security detail kicked out Israeli Police from Wall
Yep...they Secret Service told Israeli police and SHABAK security that they were out...because the Western Wall isn't in Israel.
So the young prince is merely following Trump's lead.
5. Persona Non Grata
He should stay in Londonistan. Keep him off our land.
6. If Trump + Obama could visit Wall, why not William ?
barbara ,   Haifa   (06.16.18)
7. Visiting Wall also wasn't problem for Austrian leader !!!!
barbara ,   Haifa   (06.16.18)
8. Remind him of British General Glubb
DestroyerOfJewishQtr ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.18)
Be sure you take him to visit the restored
Jewish Quarter Show him the photos of the
destruction and expulsion
Of the Jews there by the British led Jordanian Legion
By the notorious Anti Semite General Glubb “Pasha”
And the memorial on Ben Yehuda Street to
The deaths and destruction of the civilian Jews
There by Renegade British soldiers in 1947
And of course at Yad Vashem where he will
See how the British sealing off of Palestine
Consigned 10 million European Jews to
Slaughter yes let’s give him a Royal Welcome
9. British denial of Jewish rights on land from 1921
Under te mandate was their mission to facilitate the establishment of a Jewish state on All the land in question. Britain betrayed the Jews and 100 years later we are still being massacred with funding and support of the brits.

Denial of Jewish rights over a UN armistice line is racist . Maybe he should bring his Nazi dressing brother to the temple mount so he can stand with the imams who calls to kill the Jews as the pope did.

We can have another Nazi jihadists picture like during the holocaust. Same actors.
10. Respectless Brits.
tiki ,   belgium   (06.16.18)
When the British Prince thinks that ""Palestine"" equals Israel and the King of Terror equals the elected PM of Israel.....Israel should return the favor and tell the prince his coming to Israel is being prosponed .....until he informs himself.

His granny didn't find it necessary to come, so he should continue her policies and stay at home if it means British disdain for Israel and Jewish history is being trampled in favor of a non existing country and a dictator as a leader although we know how the British Royals love to suck up to Arab dictators.

The Brits truly understand the meaning of the word chutzpah
11. Often, men marry someone like their mother, but Prince
Rivkah   (06.17.18)
William and Prince Harry married women who look like their nanny who had long dark hair. If only Princess Diana could have kept her pants on, maybe her boys would have married women who were more like her.
12. Not the First British Prince Visit
Yisrael Medad ,   Shiloh   (06.17.18)
Not the first time a British Prince visited Jerusalem and even the Temple Mount
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