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Portman: Kushner turned from friend to super villain
Published: 16.06.18, 20:42
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1. What a nasty piece of work
Jake ,   Dallas   (06.16.18)
Portman reveals herself to be quite a not nice person, all to get a few laughs on a tv show. It’s not Kushner who comes across looking bad here.
2. Proof he's a super villain: he owns 666 5th Avenue!
3. Her life, her opinions, her right to be a true jerk. Our
right to ostracize her from our midst.
This just shows how shallow& not very bright person she is.
Looks can be so deceiving.... pity.
4. Not easy being a Leader/Primier..
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (06.16.18)
to focus on implementing Israel policies and to have Israelites breathing down his neck to hurl negative sentiments & investigate his personal shortcomings in his dealings concerning Israel military as Netanyahu has already reiterated there is no case when most Israelis is calling against him.
5. not exactly an unbiased opinion
zionist forever   (06.16.18)
Portman has not mentioned any specific incident that Kushner is supposed to have done to make him into a super villian we are supposed to just assume if she says it then it must be true even though she cannot offer any evidence.

She does however admit to supporting Clinton rather than Trump and she did not want to be seen as supporting Netnyahu who gets on well with Trump and his son in law Kushner.
This article tells us nothing new or important just the fact that Natenyahu, Trump hating Natalie Portman is saying Kosher is bad but does not specify on why.
6. mr.
david rubin ,   jerusalem   (06.16.18)
Ms.Portman, you and all the other Jews from "around the world" have abrogated their right to be critical of Israeli leadership. This right is reserved to Jews who reside in Israel
7. From friend to villain
tiki ,   belgium   (06.16.18)
Natalie isn't acting when explaining how she has changed into a nasty piece of work.

8. Relevant?
Raoul Schur   (06.16.18)
Of what relevance is not being a good student?
9. absolutely correct. He is duplicitous, with no rectitude
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.16.18)
10. Ivy league?
Gene   (06.16.18)
If Kushner was even more stupid than she then Harvard must be closed.
11. The more I read of HW,the more I wonder if McCarthy may have
Alan ,   SA   (06.16.18)
been right about some of the actors there
12. Kushner any day- she is a hollow drama queen
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (06.16.18)
13. She has realized she's on the wrong side of history, but as
so many before her, she won't back down.
She'd rather go out in flames and I'm afraid her career will do just that.
14. Natalie wants Freedom for Jews but not Palestinians
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (06.16.18)
15. We loved her before she cancelled her visit to Israel
Eden   (06.16.18)
For political reasons.

Love or not the PM, there are so many other good people in Israel who really respected you.
16. Yes its proof is he is a good business man.
Eden   (06.16.18)
17. Portman is an enemy of Israel...what is Kushner ??
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.16.18)
18. Natalie, first learn to speak correct English
C   (06.16.18)
you said about kushner: "there's not a lot funny to say about someone
you were friends with becoming a super villain."
what you said is not correct english. nor can one understand it.

furthermore, how is kushner a "super villain."
he is attempting to arrange a peace deal between israel and the arab
what have you ever done to help resolve the israeli arab conflict.
being a vegan is not much help.
19. American Jews and Israel
Robert Weintraub ,   New York   (06.17.18)
Why print anything about her?
20. The 2 most powerful words of 2018,,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (06.17.18)
"Fake Jews".
21. With a 'Friend' Like Natalie Portman who needs enemies...
Ron ,   Melbourne   (06.17.18)
Disgusting behaviour. She could have said simply we were friends and I rather not talk about it. Instead, she chooses to play to the crowd. What a disgusting person she turned out to be. Now he is a 'Supervillain' nothing less. When the left hates it goes crazy.
22. Portman how dispappointing you are
Tova   (06.17.18)
Have you forgotten your roots. Have you become so alien to your faith.
Have you lost your identity. Has your education messed up your intellect.

Have you forgotten Israel. Do you not realize because of Israel you are free.
Do you who say you do not tolerate anti-semitism are doing exactly that.

Netanyahu has nothing to do with your decision. Its your excuse for not attending. This is a slap in the face of Israel.

Have respect for the Nation of Israel. The people of Israel who admire your work. How are you any different that those who support the BDS movement.

Your actions are against Israel and the people of Israel.

23. An average actress who is trying to be relevant
Ron   (06.17.18)
24. Kol Ha Kavod
Golani ,   Vineland, NJ   (06.17.18)
All the honor to Kushner and there is no honor left for Natalie. I use to be a fan, but she is always on the wrong side of things when it comes to politics, so I will continue to avoid anything that she is involved in.
25. Stick to acting
מארק ,   מזכרת בתיה   (06.17.18)
Everytime an actor/actress thinks they can get involved in politics, they overstep. When will they learn?
26. People in glass houses
Disillusioned   (06.17.18)
Honestly, people who criticize others should, surely, be faultless themselves.
So let's break this down:

English has grammatical protocol. It uses capital letters as the first letter of names, and this applies to the start of sentences. A question becomes a question with a question mark.

"Nor" does not stand as a negative on its own as it's a word of comparison. I might point out that although Portman's sentence could have been a whole lot more polished, that is how people speak. Written it looks awkward. But her meaning is perfectly compehensible. When your written English is perfect, feel free to pick on imperfect usage.

It's also worth asking: what has being a vegan got to do with language skills? May we presume that your poor application of grammar to your written English is dietary-related?
27. Useful Idiot
Lee ,   LA   (06.17.18)
Since she went to Harvard and lets every body know about it I wnder if she knows the meaning of Useful Idiot? All she has to do is look in the mirror for a living definition.
28. As we say: she's dead to me! 'Nuff said.
29. I love the knee-jerk right-wingers
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (06.17.18)
Natalie Portman is relatively unimportant in the scheme of things yet she seems to cause much excitement among the children who respond with their silly posts. Get a grip!
30. Bravo Natalie Portman
A, RightHere   (06.17.18)
This actress was going somewhere and she is there, she has arived. Just what is a Jared Kushner? His father is a convicted felon an x con, Jared serves in an administration where the president has committed 8 impeachable offenses and frankly Jared doesn't know what he does, he only has a job title. Check this Donald Trump still signed the no Jerusalem no capitol waiver. Soon Natalie will be ashamed to say she is Israeli, I mean the IDF snipers killing 20 female medics,,, damn.
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