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‘When I look at him, I don’t see a child from Gaza—I see a child’
Itai Amikam
Published: 23.06.18, 23:33
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1. That how it is
DSM ,   USA   (06.24.18)
When I view a child from Gaza, I see a child being trained to take the life of a Jewish child.
2. Tony Lange - You are an idiot
Stan ,   Israel   (06.24.18)
Despite the fact that there are more health problems among Arab children than among Jewish children, this has nothing to do with God.
There is still a tendency among Arabs to marry within the family (cousins) they are now learning the health problems that this causes.
3. Michel Eisenfeld
Stan ,   Israel   (06.24.18)
All people in a struggle for independence will use violence against those they see as their oppressors.
Remember the IRA, (Ireland) the Mau Mau (Kenya) they were the most blood thirsty terrorists of all. Many years later I saw their leader Jomo Kenyatta ,who had become president, riding through the streets of London in an open carriage together with the Queen.
Remember the blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. 93 people were killed, many of them civilians. This is just one example of the terror carried out by Jews in their struggle for independence before 1948.
4. Repairing World, or Jewing World, Palestine, America?
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (06.24.18)
5. But, Doc, the ME is waiting just outside the hospital doors
Cameron   (06.24.18)
6. Useful idiot treating future terrorists ready to burn the ho
ab   (06.24.18)
-spital and her
7. To the Chinese person who thinks that
Stan ,   Israel   (06.24.18)
all Israelis would like to see a better future for ALL the peoples in this area.

If that were the case my government would make a serious effort to solve this conflict.
8. Thanks Dr. this infant will grow up killing Jews.
BBB   (06.24.18)
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
9. # 6 ab AMEN BUDDY!!!
BBB   (06.24.18)
10. #4 There is NO palestine
BBB   (06.24.18)
11. # 2 Stan Bingo!
BBB   (06.24.18)
The breeding within their family makes for some severe mental handicaps as well.
Sadly for them they are cursed with mental as well as health issues.
Incest produces idiots.
12. Imagine there's no heaven.... blah blah blah
13. blessed be the kind hearted
this baby was saved by kindhearted people.
may he grow up to have a kind heart.
14. This is not kind hearted. It is madness
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.26.18)
It is pure madness for Israeli doctors to treat "Palestinian" patients. It would be equivalent to the Allies treating Nazi patients in the middle of the Second World War. This is not kind hearted. More Israelis will be maimed and murdered by "Palestinians" these doctors save, and their offspring. Israel should do everything humanly possible to encourage our mortal "Palestinian" foes to leave our land.
15. Give that kid twenty years.
Brad ,   Usa   (06.30.18)
And he will slit your throat, Dafi. And don't confuse Muslims with human beings.
16. Thank you!
cfspirit ,   fr   (07.02.18)
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