Top cop attributes spike in south Tel Aviv violence to detention center closures
Amir Alon
Published: 18.06.18, 20:36
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1. What is best to stop the violence
Yemane   (06.18.18)
If a migrant is a supporter of the tyrannical regime of Eritrea, it is fair to say s/he eligible for deportation should the State of Israel chooses to. It's as simple as that. Since, if someone supports the regime they purportedly fled from, they are economic migrants and not asylum seekers.
2. Appeasement to evil leads to more missiles/firebombs/violenc
3. I thought Europe was bad Israel catching up quick
4. "supporters and opponents of Eritrean regime"
C   (06.18.18)
how can all these eitreans be refugees if some are supporters and others
are opponents of the eritrean regime.

why does the left claim that israel has an obligation to care for foreign
nationals of the same country when they have different political views
and they fight among themselves.
5. mr
david david ,   bkln   (06.19.18)
all the nice liberal eu nations should absorb these poor refugees
we are the land of israel and only jewish home and cant aford to be haven for refugees en mass
6. Violence Threatens Patrons
Joe ,   Gush Etzion   (06.19.18)
South Tel Aviv is recognized as the prostitution capital of Israel. This violence if not checked will force the pimps to move to a quieter section of Tel Aviv.
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