Netanyahu says will act in accordance with EBU rules concerning Eurovision
Itamar Eichner
Published: 19.06.18, 10:21
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1. Again: our Dear Sweating Leader Bibi & Co!
2. Everyone gets a bat no soap...bend over & take it like men!
3. Min Regev here's ur own quote "Cut ze bull$hit!"
Quality Control! ,   Israel   (06.19.18)
It is time that you realize that you are full of it and that you are only causing damage.
Best option realize you are a bull get out of the china shop!
4. The hypocricy of it all
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (06.19.18)
There are European anti-Israel, BDS participants in Euro-vision as artist, they may be opinionated towards the state of Israel. Are these perfomers going to be allowed to perform in Israel when human rights watch groups and opponents of BDS are barred from entering the country? The "state" of Israel is a very interesting country.
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