Kushner and Greenblatt meet with King Abdullah to talk peace
Daniel Salami and Itamar Eichner
Published: 19.06.18, 18:51
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1. “Parole, parole, parole.....”
2. All Pal plans are West Bank, Jerusalem + right of return
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.19.18)
That's why there can be no agreement. Palestinians want to replace the Jewish state with a Muslim state. That's what they mean by getting their rights under international law and ending the occupation. They will take (demand) free Israeli concessions to come to the table. Always happens.
3. Same Country which supported ISIS attack in Jerusalem
4. Jordan one of the top 10 Jew hating countries globally
5. The Pals will reject any peace plan
Yakov ,   Afula   (06.19.18)
This is a guiding principle in their mentality and attitude to life in general. Negativity, victimhood, doomsday paradigm. Rejection by default.
If they were offered Paradise on a silver platter they would reject it in favour of martyrdom in the process of Jew killing and the prolongation of the concept of destroying Israel.
Inveterate losers who deny themselves hope, peace and prosperity.
6. Dear King, Jerusalem belongs to Israel. There, settled.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.19.18)
There is no way Jerusalem will be partitioned, period. Or, if you like, since three tribes of Israel lived east of the Jordan, maybe you'd like to return that land to Israel? After all, what's good for the goose must also be good for the gander, right?

I have a better idea- dismantle and move the Dome of the Rock compound to Amman, the real capital of the Palestinians. They moved the Abu Simbel temple in Egypt a half century ago. I'm sure they can move Al Aqsa quite easily and reassemble it in the King's own back yard.

As for 'Washington's efforts to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace and ameliorate Gaza's humanitarian crisis,' let's all remember that it's not Israel calling for Gaza's destruction, but Hamas calling for Israel's. Hamas could end Gaza's misery with two simple words: "we're done."

But they don't. They'd rather launch rockets, missiles, and mortars into Israel; dig tunnels into Israel, and send fire-bombs into Israel.

I'm simply amazed that Israel has held back for so long. No other country in the world would.

Rebels in Yemen send off a single rocket into Saudi Arabia and the Saudis send off their entire Air Force to bomb the crap out them- and the UN says nothing.

It's always the same with the UN: Jews killing Muslims in self-defense get resolutions about atrocities; Muslims killing Muslims gets absolute silence.

It's time Israel and the USA told the Arab world that Jerusalem is Israel's and nobody else's, and that it is not on the table to be discussed.

If the Arab world hisses and moans, the USA should announce their foreign aid will be stopped. Very simple. The Saudis need us more than we need them. And yet they're screwing us on the price of oil. Some 'friends', eh President Trump?
7. Fortunately there is One
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (06.20.18)
who is greater than all of us mere dying humans. Regardless of how highly human "big wheels" esteem themselves.
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