Israel’s defense establishment is abandoning the southern residents
Alexander J. Apfel
Published: 19.06.18, 23:59
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1. Apfel = demagogue & fear-monger
Rafi ,   US   (06.20.18)
How do you know that the govt is NOT working on this problem at this very moment?
2. abandoning the south
tiki ,   belgium   (06.20.18)
Hamas is setting the agenda.
The International Community is checking if it is being kept!

Israel is being sandwiched by two wrongs and should finally take the right steps and set the agenda of finishing of Hamas.

Talking tough is not enough.

3. Our fire will prevail. To hell with the international commun
DOV ,   USA   (06.20.18)
4. No much IDF can do
Tova   (06.20.18)
This is a no win situation. The IDF cannot shoot down every kite. The idea of using a kite is probably the better weapon.

The IDF will come up with a solution. However this problem will not be solved by Lieberman or Netanyahu or any prime minister.

The UN doesn't care, The International community would rather see Israel gone off the map.

David used a stone to kill Goliath. tactics. Except GOD was with David.

Which means this tactic by the palenstinians will not succeed for too long.

Israel needs to ensure to the safety of the people first and foremost.
You can sense things will get much much worse before it gets better.

When David slew Goliath. The war between Israel and the philistines lasted many years. History does repeat itself.
5. Avoiding War Crimes
Mark Sherry ,   USA   (06.20.18)
Seems the IDF is less interested in committing war crimes than their critics.
6. What a load of BS
Stan ,   Israel   (06.20.18)
7. Great editorial. Dead on. Now kill those terrorists.
Steve ,   Duluth, MN   (06.20.18)
8. gaza arsonists
joe ,   london uk   (06.20.18)
there is a middle way: hitting kite terrorists without killing them. drones could fire non-lethal bird-pellets at them. equally fire-fighting planes could dump seawater or retardants on them -- especially on burning tyres arsonists. also mount a worldwide PR campaign against their senseless ecological vandalism + arson as USA & UK did during Kuwait war when saddam Hussein deliberately caused oil spills + killed birdlife etc
9. replace bibi with bennett
maurice   (06.20.18)
israel will know no real quiet until bibi is replaced. he is a nervous worrier who doeesn't understand the battliefield , nor does he understand the enemy. He thinks like the idf who copies him, that ablow is enough. it iis not.even 20 attacks from jets is insufficient. continuing with him is a waste of time as he only does speeches and commemorates his brother. warfare is not his skill. likewise lapid and gabbay who are even worse.

israel can be more decisive with bennett, feiglin, lieberman without bibi around.
10. We need a " Rudy Giuliani" to solve this petty (Arab) crime!
11. Victory is the answer. Not technology
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.21.18)
The most sophisticated technology can't replace self respect. It can't replace victory. As the great General George Patton put it, "There is no substitute for victory".

There is only one reason Israel still has problems with our mortal "Palestinian" foes. Israel REFUSES TO WIN! Israel knows what has to be done to end the "Palestinian" menace once and for all. But we refuse to do it because our leaders are scared of being condemned by the U.N., E.U., BDS and other enemies.

Our enemies condemn us no matter what we do or don't do. They are racist pigs. That is their nature. Israel needs to handle our mortal "Palestinian" foes the way a strong self respecting nation would. Here is what to do:

Step One: Ask Putin how he would deal with enemies who constantly bomb, murder, maim, boycott and harm Russia every way they can.

Step Two: DO IT!
12. Picture This
Michael ,   NJ   (06.26.18)
A high cement wall, not a fence. At the bottom every so many feet is a loading station for tiny rockets. At the top is a sensor. Anything not flown by the IDF that flys lower than so many feet is immediately intercepted by a small rocket and a drone is called to reload that station.
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