IDF chief vows to return security to residents of the south
Ilana Curiel, Liad Osmo, Matan Tzuri
Published: 20.06.18, 18:46
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1. Retaking Gaza forever is the only answer
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.20.18)
We can't fail to notice that Israel never had all these deadly Gaza problems UNTIL our mad retreat from Gaza. Retaking Gaza forever is the only answer. We have to stop playing cat and mouse game with "Palestinian" terrorists and claim what is ours. Israeli retreats and concessions are always severely punished by unlimited terror, wars and rockets.
2. fields burning usual 5 terror attacks daily leaders betrayus
3. A change is needed.
DSM ,   USA   (06.20.18)
Bibi and the IDF Chief of Staff are frauds. How about less talk and more action such as taking the lead against Hamas rather than sitting back prepared for any Hamas scenario. It is stunning that Israeli citizens continue to put up with this leadership unless others are even worse.
4. Hamas is Responsible
Ed ,   USA   (06.20.18)
Governments are responsible for protecting their citizens, but also for insuring that their citizens do not endanger others, particularly. citizens of other nations. It is the responsibility of the Hamas government of Gaza to insure that its citizens do attack or damage Israel and Israelis and to prosecute those who do. This is what the UN should be aiming to achieve. How can it so brazenly ignore international law?
5. Back burn 500 m along the border with an easterly wind.
Eden   (06.20.18)
6. strategic patience is not the answer
C   (06.20.18)
islamist hamas knows that it has the support of western elites.
7. eisencott-hamas is not impressed
ed   (06.20.18)
hamss only understands brute russian force. a few airplane sorties mean nothing to them as they laugh and mock your threats while hiding underground.

and issuing warnings, firing warning shots, threats are useless.

taking their land and setting their homes on fire might be a start.
8. Great example of morality
Michael Cohen ,   Jerusalem   (06.21.18)
is what British Air-force did to Dresden during WWII. this is what happens to the
people who support evil. We should do no less.
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