Holon deputy mayor apologizes for callling gays 'animals'
Adir Yanko
Published: 20.06.18, 22:25
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1. He said it because
Yakov ,   Afula   (06.20.18)
he believes it, therefor his apology is insincere.
2. dont agree but secular do same to religious regularly
Joseph ,   USA   (06.21.18)
For posting picture of woman exposing herself.
I thought this was a half way descent website. They should blur that image
4. Eventually Demographic of Traditional Jews will prevail
ReclaimTelAviv4Jews ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.21.18)
Tel Aviv has become a cesspool its time to reclaim it for the
Jewish People most there now can hardly be called Jews
they are Post Zionists Post Judaism etc etc etc most Israelis
have no cultural Jewish connection to the average Tel
Avivian at all, time to reclaim Tel Aviv by infusing thousands
of healthy traditional Jewish families into the city and start to take
some of the unbalanced financial power of that city from
the hands of the Post Zionist billionaires former Kibbutzniks
and their ever diminishing offspring.
Time to demographic the extreme left out of existence and with
it the worst extremes of "Western Culture" what can you
expect of a Mayor who proudly declared he eats dogs and
found them " tasty " We must stop Tel Aviv and its Media
henchmen from setting the agenda for the Jewish People
5. Too little too late!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (06.21.18)
This incredibly ugly man is probably desperate to hang on to his job. He is vile and needs to get kicked out of office. Permanently!
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