Spanish city councilors call to declare Israeli officials 'persona non grata'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.06.18, 21:54
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1. 1492 expulsion to 2018 boycott has anything really changed?!
Michael   (06.20.18)
It has only been about to two years since King Carlos officially removed the expulsion law from 1492. I guess the Spanish could not help themselves they have an "excuse". The darkness of the middle ages is hard to expunge.
2. Spain is already dead
Jake ,   Dallas   (06.20.18)
Demographically they are doomed, one child per family and the Muslims are taking over their cities, economically they are a basket case, look at their youth unemployment. Israel is a nice distraction for them. As they implode they can pretend their lives have some meaning.
3. Hamas taking over northern Spain.
DOV ,   USA   (06.20.18)
4. Europe wakes up while Spain goes to sleep
5. To next Pamplona feria-bulls:
Yossef...Benitez ,   Fr   (06.20.18)
be wilder than ever!
6. The Ugly Face of European RACIST Antisemites
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (06.20.18)
The new European NAZIS are Posen is and their ilk.They are only comparable to the fascist Ayatollas of IRAN and the TERRORIST murderers of Eta and Isis.They hark back to the days of the inquisition and should be relegated to the annals of the dark ages.
7. Spanish Inquisition is continuing
C   (06.20.18)
spain expelled, torched, raped, and forcibly converted its jewish population
under catholic rule in 1492.
today, there are hardly any jews living in spain.
yet the spanish are not satisfied.
they want to destroy the one jewish state on planet earth.
8. This really has little to do with Israel......
DSM ,   USA   (06.21.18)
and everything to do with Jews.
9. Spanish Inquisition, General Franco & Bullfights.
tiki ,   belgium   (06.21.18)
Need we say more?

Descent people don't behave like that!

The good news is that Spain is again on it's way down the drain with it's new ultra left government and while others start closing their borders.......millions of Muslim & African "refugees" are trampling there to get in.

Buena suerte Espanã.
10. Let's remember....
Sarita Montiel ,   Israel   (06.21.18)
1. These little towns are just thorns along the stem of a rose
2. The current King and Queen of Spain are strong supporters of Israel.
3. The current President of the Spanish government has strong ties to American Jewry and to Israel.
4. Spain is in the process of returning citizenship to all Anusim yes it is over 500 years too late...but you know better late than never.
5. y'all need to learn history before you fire off with all of your uninformed comments!
11. Play the anti-Semitism card!
R2d2 ,   USA   (06.21.18)
Anytime someone mentions israeli crimes against the Palestinians play the anti-Semitism card to deflect criticism! Antisemite!, anti-Semitism blah blah blah.... Israeli murderers will never be able to hide your ugly crimes and racist behavior.
12. Time to recognize the republic of catalonia
The Istanbulian ,   Istanbul   (06.21.18)
13. Israel Should Recognize a Free Catalonia
Max Merbaum ,   Los Angeles   (06.21.18)
Israel Should respond by recognizing Catalonian independence.
14. Too much Arab blood in Spanish sangre...
Cazador ,   El Fargue, ES   (06.21.18)
Spain was better off under Franco but it's always been a Mediterranean backwater. Great tapas though.
15. olives
Ralph Koslin   (06.21.18)
I would not buy an olive from Spain. Spain has been trending down since the Middle Ages. You're new Muslim immigrants will help your society. Ciao.
16. The Spaniards will regret this
Lee ,   LA   (06.21.18)
Spain is taking in moslems. They hate their Jews, they hate Israel. A little time and the moslems thay are so endeared to will give the Spanish left absolute hell. Good luck eith your moslems.
So what's new ?
18. Last night in Old City met Friendly Spanish tour group
ReachOut2Spain ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.21.18)
Last night a group of about 12 Spanish tourists mostly middle aged women and a few husbands and young women too had ventured out from
their hotel into the Old City heading to the Kotel they asked if I
could take a group photo only two spoke English they asked which
way to the "Wall" I told them to follow me as we passed the Hurva
synagogue in the Jewish Quarter all lit up and beautiful they wanted
to know about it and be photographed with it I explained the story
of its destruction by the Arabs I could see some of their faces
snarled the younger ones One woman translated she was
particularly friendly and genuinely wanted to know more of Jewish history
and excitedly translated to the group I took them to the overlook of the
Kotel and the large golden Menorah there which they marveled over
and wanted to know its story and were very excited but didn't visit the
Kotel as were afraid it being late and dark and
they not speaking English wouldn't find their way back they
all smiled and waved and waved thanked me over and over
again profusely in Spanish as a group. I genuinely believe we have friends in Spain if we could only reach them . Like most Spanish groups sadly
they come with a not so friendly Catholic priest stay at Arab
hotels mostly have an Arab Guide and Arab Driver and learn
little or nothing about Israel or its Jews and what they do hear
is only negatives , what a shame these people were genuinely
seeking us out . A negative begging in the Jewish Quarter has become
frightening many beggars with serious mental illnesses
are extremely aggressive and intimidate the tourists who pay them just
to get away from them and their families ditto Ben Yehuda Street
and even on the Light Rail is anyone out there listening ?
19. While we rightfully feel schadenfreude at Europe's slow
death, this is what we shall be experiencing more and more often.
We cannot have it both ways.
20. pamplona councillors are bovine,
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (06.21.18)
Easy to get confused. Terrorist has become a honor Better not to use that word anymore, use murderer.
21. We're arrogant,self-righteous criminal, and think we angels
Amram Shapira ,   Tel Aviv   (06.21.18)
22. Regardless of what world thinks,Don't Gazans deserve freedom
Matan Abramovic ,   Tel Aviv   (06.21.18)
23. Not accurate info
Pamplonika ,   Pamplona   (06.21.18)
The socialist party doesn't hold the majority in Pamplona and they didn't vote this resolution.UPN a right wing pro spanish party holds the majority and voted against.the majority that voted to boycott israel are the 2 leftist spanish parties and the 2 basque independentist parties who don't consider themselves spanish. Podemos leftist coalition calling Israel criminal and illegal is not surprising given the fact that its leader, Pablo Iglesias, worked for the iranian tv HispanTv being very well paid and there are suspects that Podemos was funded by the iranian regime in the past years. Anyway, what is a municipality doing interfering the international policy of a state? It's a useless resolution made by politians that seem to have nothing better to do.
24. motve for their pro-bds stand
jb ,   las vegas   (06.23.18)
They won't be happy until have the inquisition back.
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